Advertising film production companies get on the boat of sustainable filming

It has been a while since we started making our industry a more sustainable sector. One of our tasks is to provide our production companies with tools to make their shoots greener and to achieve this goal together.

At the APCP we have created our Green Shooting Guide so that they would have a reference on how to start introducing sustainable practises in their shoots.

There are already many production companies that are really committed and are developing different measures, creating their Green Books, measuring and compensating their carbon footprint and many other actions. Here are some of them:

  • Albiñana joins the team of production companies committed to this objective with the launching of their new programme “Albiñana Green” and their decision to place sustainability at the core of their Strategic Plan 2022-2030. Which makes them the first production company to address sustainability at a corporate level, as it spreads the outreach beyond the “green shootings”. This Sustainability programme is divided into two branches – Social and Environmental Sustainability – and reflects Albiñana’s decision to embrace sustainability as the main focus of the Strategic Plan 2022-2030.In the social action field, some actions are: mandatory gender training for its entire team, formal commitment to the use of inclusive language, actions to promote diversity, formalisation of casting protocols that guarantee “safe spaces”, and strategic alliances with different associations that promote the representation of minorities in the film industry.In the environmental sphere Albiñana is committed to work on sustainability beyond the shoots, expanding this approach to all levels, the whole team and making it rule the daily operations of the production company. 

    Regarding the Green Shootings they are carrying out three pilot shoot to gather before and after data so they can have enough information to evaluate the different benefits of “producing green” and to propose different measures and improvements.

    They see that in order to bring these changes in the production company, they have to make clear how important sustainability is. That’s why they have created a sustainability department where all these measures are designed, implemented and measured both on and off set.

    Soon we will get to know all the details about this elaborated initiative.

  • Fight Filmshas joined Climate Neutral Now, an initiative launched by the UN to promote the environmental sustainability of companies in the fight against climate change, contributing to making a more sustainable world and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda.They also calculate, measure and offset their emissions together with the company Creast and in collaboration with the NGO Saving The Amazon, being the first Spanish producer to achieve zero carbon emissions.This offsetting is done through the planting of trees for the reforestation of the Amazon, through the indigenous community of Tayazú.

Want to see what sustainable filming looks like? 

  • Mamma Team was one of the first production companies in Spain being fully involved and engaged with the conservation and protection of the environment.Through their actions, by reducing their carbon footprint, they make a difference and contribute to the improvement and preservation of the environment.In order to reduce waste and the carbon footprint of all its activities and productions, we have established a series of measures.These measures are set out in its Green Book, which are numerous actions to be carried out within its offices and in all their productions.
  • Only 925 is certain that sustainable filming is no longer something of the future. Commitment to the environment is a global reality that greatly affects our industry. That’s why they are also sharing their Zero Waste Productions guide.


  • Palma Pictures has a long track record of sustainability in the making of productions and have held EMAS and ISO 14001 certifications since 2011, recognising their efforts to protect and maintain our local environment.They are also members of SEDEX, a non-profit organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practises in global supply chains.In addition to their environmental statement, their initiatives include:
    • Solar-powered sessions: In 2017, they installed over 100 solar panels on the roof of their studio complex, and in early 2018, they powered their first full studio session using only the solar energy collected by their panels.
    • Reducing plastic waste: for years they have been giving away a reusable water bottle to all new team members and clients with the aim of drastically reducing the consumption of plastic water bottles.
    • Operacion Kilo: Led by their Head of Reception Jenni Sykes, they have collected and delivered over 7000kg of food donated by their staff, freelancers and local suppliers since they first became involved with this excellent charity in 2012. The charity then distributes the food and other essentials to those in need on the island. In 2018, Palma Pictures was recognised with an award from a leading charity, Mallorca Sense Fam, for our long-term contribution to this initiative.
    • Environmental annual day: they celebrate this having all their workers collaborating with the local community helping in an environmental project.