We’re not just advertising: new projects from Antiestático, Blur and Primo

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A. The new production of Antiestático “NASKAR” by Nusar3000, more than a music video

Nusar3000’s music video titled “NASKAR” has landed with a unique story and captivating production. Produced by Antistatic, this music video was shot over six days in the small village of M’hamid El Ghizlane, on the edge of the Sahara. The production company has stood out for its focus on authenticity and respect for local communities.

The team spent six days immersed in the life of this place, getting to know its inhabitants and immersing themselves in their culture. They had the privilege of working with children from the village, including Mohamed Ennaji, who, in a very natural way, played the character of Ibrahim, a boy obsessed with cars who pursues his dream until it is achieved.

The producer, Nabil Ejey, eager to return to his roots, was key in the production and contributed his talent to the music video together with El Cielo, directors Alfonso Riera and Joaquín Luna.  The team, who had two days to locate there, managed to create a unique cinematic experience, capturing the essence of the town and its people. From sleeping at the gates of the Sahara, alongside Nusar, Alvar Riu, Lucia and Marc, to connecting with the locals, every moment of the trip was part of more than just a production.

The end result is a testament to the power of art to bridge cultures and tell stories that transcend language and geography barriers. The music video for “NASKAR” not only offers a little piece of Nusar3000’s new music, with an Arabic sound, but is also a tribute to the hospitality of the people of M’hamid El Ghizlane.

It was a really special trip.

Directed and written by El Cielo / Produced by Antiestático / Producer Nabil Ejey / Executive Producer Matías Dumont  / Co-produced by Napalm Rentals, Tram Production + https://www.instagram.com/kokoya__/ DoP: Alvar Riu / 1AC: Lucía Ajuria / 2AC: Marc Villafranca / Film editing: Gomez Selva / Color: Nadia Khairat / Sound: Pablo Serrano / Grafic Design: Susana Marló / Styling Ibrahim: @pablo.amores 

B. Blur produces the music video of “Mangata”, a song by artist Judeline

The music video of ‘Mangata’ was directed by Nono Ayuso and Rodrigo Inada. 

Starring: Lara Fernández & Nourdin Batan / Produced By: Partizan & Blur / Executive Producers: Sara Nix & Zico Judge / Producers: Laura Cusí, Júlia Estruga, Zico Judge / Label: Interscope Records / Creative Direction: Nono + Rodrigo / Creative consultant: Mohammed Sqalli

All credits

C. Dua Lipa releases her new music video produced by UnderWonder Content and PRIMO shot in Barcelona

British singer Dua Lipa has released her latest music video “Illusion”, filmed in Barcelona. The music video, produced by Primo and UnderWonder Content, had as its starting point the artist’s desire to shoot in this Spanish city. The collaboration between the two production companies has brought this unique project to life. Tanu Muiño, the director, proposed the iconic setting of the Montjuïc Municipal Swimming Pools, challenging the availability of space to achieve the desired vision.

“Illusion” is the third single from Dua Lipa’s upcoming album, scheduled for release on May 3.

Dua Lipa has shared BTS images on her social media, which were taken by Elisabeth Miranda. You can see them here.

Technical file – Credits:

Director: Tanu Muiño / Produced by: UnderWonder Content / Produced by: Primo Content / Director of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko / Producer: Karen Saurí Marchán  aka  DRAMA  / EP UnderWonder Content: Frank Borin / EP UnderWonder Content: Ivanna Borin / UK EP FreeAgent/UnderWonder Content:  Alexa Haywood  / MD/Executive Producer Primo Content: Cora Rodriguez / Record Label: Warner UK  / Commissioner: Theresa Adebeyi