We defend the interests of advertising producers

The association of Spanish advertising producers, APCP, brings together the principal advertising producers of the country, defending economic and social interests of this sector and economic and social interests of the partners inside the global framework of the market’s needs. It supports an active communication with different agents of the sector: associations, clients, agencies, production companies, artists, technicians, national and international suppliers; and official corresponding organizations.

Seal of Warranty APCP

At the APCP we realized that we had to look for someone independent and with proven solvency who will periodically check that associated producers comply with the legal requirements and quality of service we wanted to offer to our customers, both Spanish and foreign. We thought AENOR was the best possible option for the task, so we contacted them and started to work on it. Thus the APCP warranty seal verified by AENOR was born. This seal guarantees that all producers belonging to the APCP meet the legal requirements and quality of service that was unanimously agreed by all the members back in 2014. Each member of the APCP has gone through a first audit performed by AENOR auditors where compliance with all requirements is ratified. In addition to the initial audit, all associated producers must pass an annual audit control, also conducted by AENOR auditors. An essential requirement, to be a member of the APCP, is to obtain this seal of warranty APCP verified by AENOR. Therefore the associates unable to obtain such seal must leave the APCP. What started as a mechanism for the internal control for the associates themselves is becoming a benchmark for advertisers, agencies and production companies both in Spain and abroad. Similarly, this measure has been very well received statewide and also on a district and municipal level where the seal of warranty APCP is seen as a guarantee of good practice.

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FOCCO ” Forum of the Commercial Communication “. CCC ” Code of Commercial Conduct of the Advertising Spanish Sector “. Under the coordination of the Spanish Chapter of the IAA ” International Advertising Association “; FOCCO and CCC are born on the initiative of the different associations in this country’s sector which share the vocation and the will to look for excellence in all aspects of this activity. The Code is born under consensus with the aim of bringing together the largest number of professionals dedicated to advertising and the development of this sector. APCP adheres to FOCCO and to CCC in January, 2008

CFP Europe

The Commercial Film Producers of Europe (CFP-e) is an organization representing all commercial production associations throughout Europe.