It’s a good shot!

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This week we bring you the shootings of Antiestático, Ava, Blua, Canada, Dos35, Garage Films, Harold, Mamma Team, Only 925, Solworks, Somos5, Twentyfour Seven…

Antiestático shares 3 photos of this week’s shooting with Jordi Capdevila and Toni Abad of DOP.
Ava has been filming in Venice this week and you will see the results very soon!
Blua shares a new shoot for OCB’s “Paper Sessions”, with the English group PVA and the creative agency Road. The director of these sessions is Iker Iturria and it is produced by BLUA.

Canada shares its spot “Nothing” for Expedia, with director Lope Serrano.
Dos35 has shot the new Tax Down campaign starring Josep Pedrerol along with comedian Dani Fez and filmmaker Julio Pérez Pascual. Producer: David Rodríguez. Director: Julio Pérez Pascual. Production manager: Edurne Domínguez. DOP: Dani Lisón.
Garage Films has shot Cheesy Doritos. Director: NYSU, Executive Producer: Kepa Vizcay, Production Company: Garage Films, Agency: David, Client: Burger King.

Harold: “Last week Harold was shooting, and the project felt especially exciting. It was Judith Viladot’s first shoot as Harold’s Executive Producer in Barcelona. Two days of shooting with Imanol Ruiz de Lara of which we will soon see the result that is only the first adventure of Harold’s great team in Barcelona…”.
Mamma Team shares a shooting in Tenerife for Lipton Tea, with Design Bridge & Partners agency and photographer Rob Lawson.
Only 925: “This March the Only 925 team has been shooting a children’s fashion campaign led by our director Luc Knowles in Catalonia and Andalusia. Five days surrounded by children of all ages who are the protagonists of some spots that will see the light in autumn/winter 2023”.
Solworks was in charge of the production service of the campaign EFFORTLESSLY DIVA: Irina Shayk x Marella in Mallorca for the production company Mai Productions Paris with the director Pierre-Ange Cariotti.

Somos5 has made this shooting in Carrefour with a great production team: Pili, Álvaro, Juan, Zaira, Iván, Abeja, Pedro and Kity, all in charge of Maru Mafuchi. The director was Charlie Linero, DOP Alberto Gonzalez, cinematographer Dani Moreno and producer Sara Kieninger. The production manager Lidia Piñeiro.
Twentyfour Seven shows us a three-day shoot in Barcelona with director Jack Driscoll and DOP Kaname Onoyama.