The Valencian Community as a filming set

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Last Wednesday, the Tourism Office of the Valencian Community and PAV (Valencian Audiovisual Producers) invited us to the Film Academy of Madrid where they presented the project Valencia Region Film to promote the region as a filming destination.

Why film in the Valencian Community?
● A very diverse and versatile territory.
● More than 300 days of sunshine per year.
● The friendliness of the people in the different towns and cities.
● The facility and speed in the processing of permits.
● International connections to the main European Capitals, by land, sea and air.
● Services and accomodation, a great number of hotels to stay in and all the services you need.
● A “Film friendly” region with personal attention to each project.
● Coordination between the different filming offices.
● Many years of Professionalisation has created a large audiovisual industry in the community.

The connection between tourism and audiovisual production, connecting audiovisual tourism with cultural tourism, is one objective of the project.

Thanks to the effort of their administrations, audiovisual productions in the Valencian community have grown, not just in quantity but also in quality.

Peñíscola, for example, has hosted many advertising projects and they have adapted to the short deadlines that advertising needs for locations and permits.

They pointed out that when they receive a proposal, they do everything they can to film the project in the region.

The Valencia Region Film project is an initiative that wants to bring all the work of the Film Offices and locations in the Valencian Community together.

To do this they have a communication strategy where the main tool is a web platform where you can find all the information for filming in Valencia such as locations, a forum for interacting with other players, contact with the different agents in the sector, contact with the Film Office, references from other film shoots…

In addition to this, they implement communication strategies, which consist of the segmentation of specific media where they share the most relevant information. Additionally, they have a section of interviews with different sector professionals who act as brand ambassadors.

To conclude the presentation, they told us that they are working on a system of incentives and grants that are actually in the process of agreement with the Institute of Culture of Valencia and are expected to be officially published in the second quarter of 2022.