That’s the hero shot!  

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As every week we show you the shootings of some of our production companies: Zissou, Twenty Four Seven, Seven Senses, Pueblo, Only925, Mamma Team, Igloo, Antiestático…

Zissou was shooting a commercial for Corte Inglés with its director Bernat Lliteras. The shooting took place in a house in the Ciudalcampo urbanization in Madrid.



TwentyFourSeven has been shooting in Barcelona for 5 days, with Simon Cahn directing and Nicolas Karakatsanis as DOP. Rims Mobility participated in the project!
Seven Senses brings us a shoot they did for AW8 and the production company Stvdium with Fernando Torres in Madrid, with director Giorgio Bruni and DOP Tom Hole. 

Pueblo shows us their latest shoot for Contrapunto BBDO Barcelona. There were three days of shooting in Madrid and surroundings and more than 30 children participated in the artistic team.

Only925 leaves us photos of the first work of the year, a graphic campaign with Javier Tles as photographer.

Mamma Team worked with Cesar Pesquera for Seat with the C14 agency.

Igloo filmed in Barcelona for Bimbo and the agency Lola Mullenllowe, directed by Carlos Durrif.

Antiestatico brings us the project they are shooting between today and tomorrow together with VCCP with the director Fernando Bassi in Madrid.