Aluzine presented the advantages of illuminating with Airstar balloons in “Light me to the moon!”.

By March 17, 2023 Blog No Comments

Montse Ogalla presented Luis Ybarra (Product Specialist at Aluzine), who gave the talk “Light me to the moon!” and spoke about the advantages of illuminating with Airstar balloons as well as demonstrating its usage. This is an innovative product that the lighting company has exclusively.

The technical advance of Airstar balloons won an Academy Award for Best Innovation Product, providing a diffuse and homogeneous light that adapts to different needs. Without lighting balloons, filming would increase in cost and difficulty. They are used in complicated exteriors due to their luminous capacity (access problems, very powerful zenithal lights).

Another advantage of this action is its mobility. In long shoots, it is also used with cranes. Another great advantage is its speed, as it is regulated by remote control, where up to 100 products of this type can be controlled with an iPad to find the correct light.