Why do we need a sustainable production?

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More and more production companies are joining the green team: we are being aware of the importance of guaranteeing the client a “Green shoot” or sustainable production.


We know that ensuring sustainability in shoots is part of offering a modern production, but the reason why many production companies are already beginning to participate in sustainability should not be only commercial. We have some frightening data that we hope will encourage you to be part of the new generation of environmentally responsible producers, which is already a reality in the sector.


You are probably familiar with global warming and the constant rise in temperatures (the result of human activity) that, year after year, is responsible for the melting of the Arctic and the extinction of thousands of species.

You will also be aware of the radical climatic phenomena that we are experiencing worldwide (the chaos that the snow storm Filomena caused last January in Madrid   is just an example). 

What is not that well known is the phenomenon that is currently occurring with the deacceleration of the Gulf Stream, an event whose consequences imply extreme weather events, “such as a change in the trajectory of winter storms that come from the Atlantic, which will be increasingly more intense ”(source: Science Magazine).


The Gulf Stream is part of a system of currents, which starts from the Gulf of Mexico and becomes the North Atlantic Current. This system of currents brings water from the southern hemisphere to the north and then back to the south. These currents not only transport water: they also carry a lot of energy, in the form of heat. We know thanks to various studies that this transport of said energy has slowed down, which implies an accumulation of hot water in low-middle latitudes. The Gulf Stream carries warm water, which as it approaches higher latitudes, towards the North, encounters colder air.


These temperature differences between the sea and the lower layer of the atmosphere are one of the main causes of the high or low pressures that determine the climate. The Gulf Stream modifies the European climate and the Atlantic fishing grounds.


“Changing the water temperature in some of the most important fishing grounds is going to have consequences on our economy and our diet. And another consequence may be changes at the atmospheric level. It is observed that all this warming in the area of ​​the Gulf Stream produces more intense hurricanes due to greater evaporation. It also influences winter storms, the fact that the Gulf Stream is warmer makes it much more nourishing, so they will also be stronger. And when those storms collide with cold Arctic air masses, heavy snowfall occurs. All changes in currents affect our daily life in some way because they change the atmospheric system, and the conditions in the fishing areas.”


And what is the APCP doing in the midst of all this? Like all companies or associations, like every human being, what we do every day has an impact on the planet. It is our responsibility as a Production Company Association to provide information that we believe is essential for the ecological transition.


It is our duty to pave the way and make it as easy as possible to have, in a very short time, sustainable and responsible filming. For this, we have an announcement: we are publishing our Guide for Sustainable Production, in collaboration with Green The Bid, available from now.


We have no excuses to not start implementing changes now.


You have the guide available on our website. Check it out!