Our strong commitment to sustainability

We told you about it at the beginning of the year in our newsletter. One of our goals for 2021 is to continue our commitment to a greener industry. 

Care for the environment, conservation and corporate responsibility have led the audiovisual and advertising production sector to seek solutions that are kinder to the planet. Many APCP member companies, agencies and clients have been adopting responsible and regenerative practices for years to effect behavioural changes in the way they and their suppliers do business. By taking steps to reduce wasted resources and general waste, companies maximise production efficiency.

While some production circumstances make it more difficult to follow certain guidelines, APCP strongly encourages member companies to implement responsible production practices, and we welcome agreements with environmentally conscious suppliers.

All production companies that belong to the APCP undergo an annual audit by AENOR that guarantees the quality of their work. As part of the requirements to obtain the APCP certificate, AENOR audits by monitoring the care of the environment through the state of the locations used for the shoot. In turn, production companies must have an environmental policy/commitment identifying those aspects in which their activity can generate impacts on the environment and putting measures in place to minimise them.

To talk about wellbeing in advertising is to talk about sustainability: being sustainable is synonymous with efficiency! A requirement increasingly demanded by companies, clients and our planet.

Today we are opening a space in our blog to cover and promote respect for the environment linked to audiovisual production. In it, we will be sharing ideas on how to be more sustainable in the different value chains: from the home or office to the film set.

There are thousands of ways in which we can be more environmentally efficient while being linked to production efficiency. When we say thousands, we mean thousands, simple and straightforward, that we can do on a daily basis.

Here are some ideas:

1. COMMUNICATE, let others know: Develop sustainable values in the day-to-day running of your company. Show that they are important. Details such as setting up recycling bins in the office, promoting the use of reusable bottles, paperless and cloud-based tools, facilitating the use of public transport or bicycles to access the office…

2. SUPPLIERS, ally yourself with the best: Count on companies that are committed to this. The implementation of the Covid Protocol makes health care compatible with environmental well-being. Opting for mainly regional food catering, using recycled materials, planning ahead to avoid waste or reusing those resources that allow it, are just some examples of this.

3. TRANSPORT, move with good vibes: Whenever possible, choose electric or hybrid transport, organise the team to share transport, choosing high-capacity vehicles. Also, organise journeys efficiently.

4. SPACES, leave everything as it was: Choose locations responsibly, taking into account factors such as environmental regulations, proximity and access routes. Organise waste separation, set up accessible recycling points to leave the location as if you had not been there.

5. EVALUATE, be aware: Know the environmental impact of your production by assessing the carbon footprint you generate. Look for improvement measures and share your knowledge and experience with industry peers.

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Stay tuned, we will be filling this space with more content that respects the planet and filming.