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Our production companies are unstoppable and do incredible work. Today we tell you more about the short films “No me da la vida” co-produced by Igloo Films and “Farrucas” co-produced by Primo Content and the latest videoclip by Zissou.

The great news about these short films is that they have been shortlisted to compete in the 36th edition of the Goya Awards, which on February 12th, 2022 will recognise the best short films in animation, documentary, and fiction.

No me da la vida was directed by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa. Founding partner of Igloo and filmmaker, until today she has combined her career in advertising with her personal work in short film format. Her short films have been selected for more than 400 national and international festivals and have won a total of 110 awards.

One Thursday a month Lucas, Rio and Marcos get to play mus at Xabi’s house, the perfect host. It seems like a normal game when Xabi confesses to them what he has been doing for the last month.

This interesting short film talks about family reconciliation, reflecting on the difficulties of motherhood.

Using a humorous tone, they have represented in an everyday scene the real day-to-day life of working mothers, who take on many of the tasks of raising their children, which in many cases ends up affecting their careers directly.

Here you can see a teaser:

On the other hand, “Farrucas”, co-produced by Primo Content, after winning many awards at different festivals, is now ready to make their way to the Goya and Gaudí awards.

Ian de la Rosa was the first director to decide to film in El Puche, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Almería, without basic infrastructures such as cleaning services or public transport. He chose four girls from among his teenagers with no acting skills to star in his story.

The direction of photography by Gina Ferrer García makes good use of the excellent natural light of Almería.

Farrucas tells the story about four young women who are proud of their Moroccan and Andalusian roots in El Puche. The four girls live in a reality that is not always positive for them, the opportunities often seem like a fantasy, but they have never stopped dreaming about it. Today is Fatima’s birthday and they will celebrate it together, as usual, but looking closer than ever into the future.

Check out the trailer:

Congratulations for these two great projects and we wish you a lot of luck and success!

We close this section with a desire to dance, we present the last videoclip produced by Zissou for the band León Benavente, who have presented their new song “Líbrame del mal”.

This fantastic music video was directed by Sara Condado.

It was filmed entirely at the Torres Blancas building in Madrid, a fascinating piece of architecture. The piece shows a tour of the building while the band members are reunited in a staggered manner until they arrive at a room to start playing.

Enjoy this new track: