We see each other again – CFP-E Annual Meeting

By November 12, 2021 Blog No Comments

Is being celebrated the official annual meeting of the CFP-E (Commercial Film Producers of Europe) will take place in Berlin.

In this meeting different topics will be discussed, including:

1- Wellbeing within the industry

2- Green production – sustainable production becoming more and more an issue for clients

3- Pre-PIBS and PIBS for Europe 

4- Sharing Pitch Costs

5- Scope – German Association presenting their new pitching tool and reporting the current status of it

5- Stellantis 

6- Changes and opportunities we see from Covid adaptations/post Covid

7- A new presidency – a new president to be found by our next meeting in Madrid

8- Missing countries from the CFP-E : Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Latvia


As always we will inform you of the news.