Marta Martínez of Landia told how “La escalera de Cervezas 1906 – Awakening consciences through audiovisuals” was made.

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Marta Martínez of Landia explained in “La escalera de Cervezas 1906 – Awakening consciences through audiovisuals” how one of the most challenging campaigns of the last year was created. The target of the campaign was independent and “outside the herd”. Analysing what independent thinking was in Spain, a study was used to prepare this social experiment.

The concept for the idea was “a journey towards independent thinking”. The phrase, marked within the briefing, was to be represented by the difficulty and the ladder of the advert. “We had to awaken consciences within an entertainment framework,” Martinez said. “How difficult is it to think for oneself,” they asked.

In the creative process, they realised that the expectations were higher: the staircase had to have a memorable, unique design. It had to be artistic. The inspiration for this was the burning man festival, where there are giant structures that allow people to interact with them: “We needed to have something that surpassed the television experience” they wanted to make it more cinematic. It had to be filmed in its entirety because a lot of content was needed. To realise the structure, engineers were needed to create 3D technical designs.

When the project and the model were presented to the creatives, they only replied to Martinez with one sentence: “make it possible”. During the shoot, there was a need to generate a lot of content and another challenge was the location, as a very solid base was needed to find a flat ground to anchor the structure and to make sure it was desert-like. They found the ideal place in La Yesería
Yemasa in Toledo.

For the casting, there were two phases: first a questionnaire that was recorded with the participants and then more in-depth questions. In total, there were 8 participants/characters, each with their own story.