Meetings with public administrations – Madrid City Council, Barcelona, L’Hospitalet, Community of Madrid, La Rioja and other institutions.

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One of our functions as an association is to create and maintain relationships with the different public administrations in order to reach agreements that improve conditions for the advertising production industry. 

One of the objectives of these meetings was to gain first-hand knowledge about the importance of our sector for cities, what it has contributed for so many years and what has been lost. 

From Barcelona, they have told us that they want to recover and help our jobs to continue to be produced in the area where the companies are located without having to go to other cities and also to attract new business.

There will be a new redistribution of tasks between management from 1 January 2022 and, as in Madrid, there will be regular meetings with the sector (including locators) to discuss improvements.

In Madrid City Council, with the filming office, it should be noted that the meetings have been very productive and the proposals for improvement that we presented have been very well received, and we have agreed to meet every three months to continue working along these lines.

With Film Madrid, the filming office of the Community of Madrid, we started the year presenting the economic report on investment in the Region for the purpose of improving what the report reflected. Thanks to this, we have organised meetings to work on everything that needs to be solved. Likewise, thanks to the report, a working group was set up with the Regional Ministry of Employment and the Minors’ Department.

The Rioja Film Commission organised a scouting trip for our sector to show the locations for advertising films. It was a very interesting visit, from the participants to each location visited. We were received with affection and excellence. Production companies, location scouts, agency producers and advertisers’ advisors took part in the scouting.

We continue to discover Spain for our sector!

We have also met with the City Council of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, one of the most important bastions in Cataluña for filming advertising, in order to solve the regulations for obtaining filming permits. These meetings are gradually producing very good results.

Finally, throughout the year we were in close contact with the Audiovisual Hub and ICEX to work on solutions for the international visibility of our production companies. In May we presented the Who is Who guide together with other associations and ICEX at the Cannes Film Festival.