Després Del Col·lapse on Ràdio4 – Day-to-day work in response to the pandemic

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The APCP took part in Després Del Col-lapse on Ràdio4, a programme dedicated to explaining how culture has reinvented itself in times of Covid, especially advertising cinema.

In these times, not everything is bad news in the cultural and audiovisual sector. Després Del Col-lapse invited us on 25 March, along with other professionals, to share initiatives that have allowed us to continue functioning in times of pandemic.

You can listen to the full programme here, where our director general, Adriana Piquet, is interviewed, starting at minute 14:57. (Audio in Spanish and Catalan)

▪️ Adriana Piquet, General Director of the Spanish Association of Advertising Producers (APCP).
▪️ Josep Maria Llibre, Assistant Doctor HIV at the Hospital Universitario Alemanes Trias i Pujol.
▪️ Dani Granados, Delegate for Cultural Rights, Barcelona City Council.

With the participation of:
▪️ ADETCA. Theatre Companies of Catalonia.
▪️ CIATRE. Professional Theatre Companies in Catalonia.
▪️ La Casa de Contes in Barcelona.
▪️ Microteatro Barcelona.
▪️ Lazzigags theatre company.