What were the National Creativity Awards 2023 like for APCP members?

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Organised by the c de c and inevitably linked to the Día C, the National Creativity Awards took into account the productions of our partners in their awards.

Congratulations to all those who received mentions, as well as to the winners of the awards. These are the winners of our productions:

  • Agosto:
    “She” by J&B: Grand Prix, 1 gold in Craft – Casting and Acting Direction, 1 gold in Craft – Directing and Directing, 1 bronze in Craft – Editing, 1 silver in Craft – Sound and Music, 1 gold in Ideas – Drinks.
    Atlético de Madrid’s “Stepfather’s Day”: 1 silver in Ideas – Educational Centres. Culture. Leisure. Toys. Sports.
    “Los 36” by DGT: 1 gold in Innovation – Innovation in the use of an existing technology, 1 gold in Craft – Interaction generated from data.
    “Dolce far niente” by Turia: 1 bronze in Craft – Direction of photography.
    “Then who” of the Ministry of Equality: 1 gold in Ideas – Non-profit public services and NGOs.
  • Blur:

“Even more confusing times” by Burger King: 1 gold Strategy – Insight, 1 gold in Ideas – Department Stores. Franchising. Small commerce. E-commerce, 1 gold in Craft – Direction and realisation.
“Winter 22” by Balenciaga: 1 silver in Craft – Art Direction, 1 bronze in Ideas – Fashion & Accessories. Accessories.

  • Canada: 

“Don Dinero” by Bankinter: 1 bronze in Strategy – Brand Consistency, 1 silver in Craft – Special Effects, 1 silver in Ideas – Banking. Financial Services. Insurance.
“Awake Spain” by Correos: 1 bronze in Craft – Direction of photography.

  • Garage Films: 
    • “Los atropellos más famosos” de DGT: 1 silver in Ideas – Non-profit public services and NGOs.
  • Garlic: 
    • “Pero” of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs: 1 bronze in Craft – Sound and Music.
  • Landia: 
    • “La escalera”of Cervezas 1906: 1 silver in Craft – Production Management.  
    • “Emergencia” PlayStation: 1 bronze in Content – Raising awareness.
  • La Joya: 
    • “Orgullo de pueblo” de J&B: 1 gold in Craft – Event Interaction and Sponsorship, 1 gold in Ideas – Drinks, 1 silver in Craft – Casting and Directing Actors, 1 bronze in Strategy – Insight.
  • Smile: 
    • “El hombre blandengue”of the Ministry of Equality: 1 bronze in Ideas – Non-profit public services and NGOs.
  • Zissou: 
    • “No te contamos películas II” by Pepephone: 1 bronze in Craft – Casting and direction of actors.
  • Primo: 

“El viaje, Tres orquídeas y Vika” by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado: 1 bronze in Craft – Direction and production.
“Querernos vivas, querernos libres” by the Ministry of Equality: 1 gold in Craft – Writing.
“Captain Olson” by Royal McDonald Children’s Foundation: 1 silver in Craft – Direction. Production.
“Let’s celebrate” by Codorniú: 1 bronze in Craft – Direction of photography.

  • Lee Films: 
    • “So, humanos, so” of Correos: 1 gold in Ideas – Travel. Tourism. Transport of people and goods, 1 silver in Craft – Writing.

You can see the full list, which includes the mentions., here.