Cannes Lions – We have Jury in Film Craft Lions Shortlist

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On 26th April 2021, Cannes Lions announced the advertising industry experts and professionals who will be responsible for evaluating the shortlisted entries for this year’s edition of the competition.

The Lions shortlist jurors will participate in the judging remotely from their home locations around the world. Susie Walker, VP Awards & Insight at Lions, says: Shortlist jury members play a vital role in conducting the first round of judging, which creates the shortlist in a number of Lions. We’re committed to delivering a world-class judging experience of the standard we’re known for, and crucially, every piece of creative work will be given the time and discussion it deserves.”

The Film Craft Lions Shortlist Jury includes Alba Barneda: Head of Production at CANADA and APCP Board member.

The Spanish professionals who will be part of the shortlist jury are:

  • Alba Barneda, Head of Production, CANADA, Spain – Film Craft
  • Alberto Pachano, Managing Director, We Are Social, Spain – Social&Influencer
  • Begoña de la Sota, CEO, Mediacom, Spain – Media
  • Higinio Martínez, General manager & Consejero Delegado Omnicom PR Group, Spain & Portugal – PR
  • Ludi García, Managing Director, Hotwire Public Relations, Spain – PR
  • Olaf Cuadras, Creative Director, DDB Spain – Design

In addition to the 285 Awarding Jurors announced on April 12th, the remaining 189 Short-list jurors have joined the jury, bringing the total number of Spanish professionals on the jury for the 2021 edition to 13.

The jury pool contains people from 55 countries and 52% of the jurors are women, the highest number ever.

These numbers follow the goals of being more inclusive, global and representative; as announced by Simon Cook, Managing Director of Lions:Lion-winning creative work is not bound by location, it emerges from all corners of the world to compete and benchmark excellence on the global stage. So, it’s incredible to welcome this truly global line-up of jury experts. Every year, our juries grow more diverse. This is part of our ongoing commitment to appoint elite talent from across the full breadth of our global community.”

In turn, Kika Samblás, Partner & Managing Director of SCOPEN tells us that “it is wonderful to see how Spain continues to weigh in at the Cannes Film Festival, both in terms of Awards and Juries. It is a sign of the outstanding talent we have and a luxury to be able to count on the vision of these 13 professionals to judge the biggest awards in our industry”.

Here you can find all the members of the Shortlist Juries.

Here you can see all the members of all the Juries that will evaluate the entries for the Cannes Lions 2021 Awards.

Finally, on 28th April, the representatives of our country in the international Young Lions competition, which will be held virtually from 21st to 25th June, were announced.

Catherin Correa, Junior Creative Art Director, and Kirea Calatayud, Junior Creative Copywriter, were the winners of this edition for their innovative proposal in the use of technology. The proposals were in response to the briefing prepared for Ayuda en Acción for the “Make your campaign” project, which aims to offer young people a new format for collaborating with an NGO adapted to their possibilities and formats or means of communication.