We’re not just publi: “Unique” BTS, music video shot by Garage for Alberttinny

By May 17, 2024 News No Comments

Garage Films gives us the making of the last single they shot for Alberttinny (@alberttinny): “Únicos”, the third single from their album “Kintsukuroi”.

The music video is a journey through Alberttinny’s mind and heart, which, directed by Blai Graell, has become a cinematic work of art. In it, Alberttinny walks alone, shedding his layers one by one until he is completely naked.

Get a closer look at the talent of this emerging Modern Indie Pop artist, who was previously the guitarist of the band IZAL, through the BTS video clip:


Director : Blai @blaigraell

Executive Producer: Oriol @orioluria

Producers: Paula @p_rosello & Amal @amal_martinez4