We’re not just advertising: Antiestático returns to put a face to the sound of nusar3000 with “ROSA DE JERICÓ”, with Israel Fernández

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The piece “ROSA DE JERICÓ” starring nusar3000 and Israel Fernández, sprouted in the national scene just a few weeks ago to continue opening the way to the rising current of flamenco and electronic music. This project is part of the artist’s debut album, “3000”.

The production of Antiestático culminated after a single day of shooting. This took place in a building in the emblematic and symbolic street of Madrid, La Gran Vía. The videoclip is full of details that aim to point out the versatility of flamenco when it comes to developing together with sounds that are presumably alien to its traditional culture.

In this song we can feel the imprint of great referents of the calé world who used lyrical poetry to express their feelings more than a hundred years ago; among others: Antonio Mairena or Camarón de la Isla. Even so, the singular identity of Israel Fernández, a distinguished flamenco singer, does not go unnoticed, enriching the piece. The composer and musician, in addition to his voice, always gives his heart when singing.

By juxtaposing these elements with the electronic flamenco cajón, the palmas, and the outstanding Arabic rhythms, the young music producer manages to exquisitely fuse his favorite ingredients in a bottle, like someone discovering kalimotxo, to then serve the result on the current scene; thus offering new flavors, which have already been enjoyed live on renowned stages such as those of Sónar or Primavera Sound.

It was the hand of the creative producer Blanca Blanca who masterfully directed that true symphony, together with the duo of directors El Cielo, Alfonso Riera and Joaquín Luna, who had previously collaborated with nusar3000 to give life to the imaginary of NASKAR. The result was an evening full of the complicity of sharing the same vision with a talented and willing team.


Directed by: El Cielo @elcielo______
Produced by: Antiestático @antiestatico
Chief Executive Producer: Matías Dumont @matutedumont
Producer: Blanca Blanca @blancablanca._______
DOP: Juanjo Salazar @juanjolsalazar
Art Direction: Paula Vegas @pauulisvegas