There is not much time left until the APCP WEEK! Find out about the latest news

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Do not worry if you still have not found out about the latest news we talked about last Wednesday, today we will be be going over all the most recent information and news about the APCP WEEK – 10th Advertising Film Production Conference. This September, do not miss out on your chance to get your ticket and acknowledge your value.

APCP visits the award winners: Awards at home!

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It seems that the 11th APCP Conference is still going on. The awards are arriving at all the winners’ homes! It has been ourselves who have been in charge of…

The 11th APCP Conference is carbon neutral

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Creast has provided us the report about the environmental impact of the XI Advertising Film Production Conference, from which different conclusions have been drawn. Thanks to companies like Creast, which...

You can already enjoy all the presentations and round tables!

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Many of you could not come to enjoy the exciting presentations and round tables of the XI Jornadas de Producción de Cine Publicitario. Therefore, we want to share with all…

Valencia lives the advertising cinema: total success at the XI Conference

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The XI Advertising Film Production Conference has been a great success! The attendance, with respect to the two previous editions, has grown significantly. From the IX Conference to the X…

See you next Wednesday with more news!