The trendiest material, sustainability.

As we all know, not every department participating in advertising productions must pay the same attention to the same elements when talking about sustainability. Some need to pay more attention to the consumption of specific raw materials, reusing materials and managing the waste, etc…

For this reason, we have decided to focus this week’s article on one of the departments that has put more effort and dedication to introducing sustainable habits into their working routine, the costume department.

To discover what they do to reduce the environmental impact we have talked to Ana Morera, a professional with a career of 28 years in the field of styling and the founder of Vestida Para Rodar and Costume BCN, a platform to rent clothing for filming that was founded in 2004. This proves that, since the beginning, she has been interested in buying as little as possible and renting everything possible, one of her main work-related philosophies.

Ana Morera

However, sometimes this is not enough. She says herself: ‘the fashion industry has a big environmental impact due to fast fashion, a type of fashion that does not last long and that changes all the time, demanding constant changes of collections with cheap prices, leading to a terrible impact’. That is why she always tries to find new ways to learn from every project and professional that she works with.

She confesses that she is aware of the actual problem, and that is why it is important that everyone puts a little bit of effort, because even if it does not affect us directly today, she is sure that ‘the future generations  will be affected, so we should start to think and act with the long-term consequences in mind’.

Her main motivation is seeing that little by little more professionals are becoming aware, and the production companies and new workers are making a completely conscious use of recyclable  materials or environmentally-friendly products.

Despite the efforts made by Ana and other professionals in her field, they still fight to raise the number of showrooms and people that rent clothes, as it is the way that better shows the impact of continuously buying clothes. The quantity of time, money and resources that it saves have completely convinced many stylists, who now support circular fashion and renting clothes. And you, what are you waiting to join the change?

By Ernesto Torrijos