The makeup department is keeping up with the fight for sustainability

As we already know, all professionals and companies should join in the common goal of fighting for a sustainable and environmentally responsible industry. Therefore, this week we will explore the techniques and tools used by the makeup department to become more sustainable. So we have talked with Manuela Romero Rodríguez, who has been employing sustainable and respectful environmental methods. We would also like to point out the fact that she has received the Best Makeup Artist award during our 2018 and 2021 Convention of Advertising Film Productions.

Manuela Romero Rodriguez

At the beginning of her career, she used to work in the cinematographic industry, but she is currently specialised in advertisement and music videos. From the beginning of her professional career, Manuela has tried to produce the smallest amount of residues possible and to make the most out of the available resources in the most efficient way she could.

However, she admits that nowadays it is much easier to build a work environment that values sustainability thanks to the wide spectrum of products and information about the environment and waste management. This is a fundamental part of her job since teamwork and collective thinking are key elements in matters like this.

Some of the most sustainable habits she applies are the mindful use of electricity or the use of vegan, biodegradable and animal cruelty free products. The use of these type of products and making use of lights already turned on or turning off the lights after the makeup session are some of the tips Manuela and her team employ during any project.

Maldito ft. C. Tangana – The parrots (MV), produced by associate Canada. Makeup artist: Manuela Romero Rodriguez.

Furthermore, we have been told that recycling is one of the subjects that worries her the most. She admits that production companies provide more resources and support every day, but the staff needs to receive some kind of basic training in order to make good use of the recycling bins and reusable containers. Motivation and participation are two key factors that determine the success or failure of these types of habits and practices.

Just like her, many other professionals are trying to get this industry the recognition deserved for its sustainability work. The constant fight and collaboration with other departments has made possible for the advertising and cinematographic industry to excel once more in their role of creating a more sustainable environment.

By Ernesto Torrijos.