Sustainability also speaks in Spanish

By September 9, 2021 News, Sustainability No Comments

As you know, we have been working hand in hand for several months to achieve sustainable production with our friends from Green The Bid, an initiative and community created in the United States to support the advertising industry in the change towards zero emission practices. , carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative.


At APCP we love to innovate, that’s why we’ve spent the summer working to lead change. Thus, we have published our Green Shooting Guide for sustainable filming, where we detail actions that all production companies should carry out, in order to offer sustainable productions.


We have also done an immense amount of work in translating to Spanish  the material our colleagues in Green the Bid sent us in english.  Thanks to this work, and the wonderful relationship we share with them, we have become  collaborators of Green The Bid for Latin America. Soon we will provide very valuable material for our Hispanic speaking colleagues on the other side of the basin.


This material, checklists, posters to be placed on the set and offices, explanatory documents, all in Spanish, have already been sent to our partners.


In this context, we want to announce that we will connect with Los Angeles with three of the co-founders of this initiative (Kat Friis, Gabi Kay and Jessie Nagel) in a special webinar that will take place at the IX Advertising Film Production Conference in Valladolid, with the title “Change our production model to Zero Waste and Neutral Carbon. A sustainable shoot is possible ”.  There will also participate Eduardo Vieitez, CEO of Creast, one of the sustainable partners of the event and moderated by Alba Barneda, Production Director of Canada.


In this workshop we will address the issues that most concern the sector in terms of sustainability. Because is it important? What can we do? How much will it cost? And most important, is the sustainable production possible? If you have been attentive to our newsletter, you already have the answer to our last question …


Download our Sustainable Guide without delay, not a waste of time!