Spanish outdoors have a green future ahead of them

Isn’t a secret that, in our country, there is a wide variety of outdoor locations, ideal for productions and filming. We have deserts, forests and even beaches that have been used in some of the biggest productions in history, but should we start worrying about the future of these locations?

Although the environmental situation is a subject that is always accompanied by uncertainty, we should not worry about the future of our prized outdoor locations. Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has assured that thanks to the CAP action plan (Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy) there is nothing to worry about with regard to environmental and agricultural conservation in our country. 

Thanks to this plan, thousands of young farmers will be able to face the next season, with digital implementations aimed at increasing the profitability and competitiveness of farmers and livestock farmers, thus ensuring the survival of the rural environment. With aid aimed at modernisation, innovation and even aimed at increasing farmers’ commitment to the environment. 

But that is not all, because thanks to the CAP, it will be possible to obtain which are known as eco-schemes or eco-regimes, which will reward the voluntary actions of entrepreneurs who fight in favour of the environment. The aim of this type of action is to give greater visibility to the need for participation that this field currently requires, as well as to motivate anyone who wants to support the cause. 

All these incentives, although they will have to be analyzed in the future, help us to guarantee a little more the survival of these outdoor spaces that are so necessary for the film and advertising sector. This shows that the fight for environmental sustainability is not in vain, as more and more people see it as a logical thing to carry out sustainable programmes and implement responsible consumption habits in every professional sector.

By Ernesto Torrijos