Spain Audiovisual Hub: The government launches a financial support call for the development of experimental 5G applications in economic sectors.

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  • The government launches a financial support call for the development of experimental 5G applications in economic sectors.

The Official State Gazette has published the principles that regulate the concessions of the financial support for the production of experimental development projects of 5G applications and services that impact on the digital transformation of the country’s key economic sectors. The Gazette has also opened its first call in the Recovery Plan and the Digital Infrastructure’s Universalisation Programme for Cohesion, UNICO Sectoral 5G for 2022.

This financial support is aimed to help develop 5G impelling projects through the creation of prototypes, demonstrations, and the making of pilots, tests and validation of products that help the quick and easy incorporation of this technology to economic sectors like connected vehicles, tourism, audiovisual industry, smart tourism and digital agri-food industry.

It is expected that the development of 5G technology will promote the transformation of the industry (the 4th Industrial Revolution) and will provide applications such as connected mobility, digital welfare, smart tourism or the digital agri-food industry.

 Beneficiaries creating job opportunities in Spain

The 2022 financial support call, of €90.7 million and in regime of competitive concurrence, is aimed at companies, research organisations and knowledge spreading. Its operational centre can be found in Spain.

 The regulating principles for this financial support stipulates that beneficiaries will have to create the number of jobs necessary for the granting of the subsidised project.

 The funded projects will acquire a budget between 3 and 15 million euros, and there will be the possibility to develop them individually or through cooperative relationships. The developed 5G applications and services can be deployed over private networks, in regime of self-representation over public or mixed networks.

 The granting of this financial support is part of the Recovery Plan and is connected to the Digital Spain agenda, as well as the strategy to propel the expansion of 5G started by the  Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures. The aim is to turn Spain into one of the leading countries in the spreading of this technology.

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