Report on the Economic Impact of Advertising Film in Spain.  

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Yesterday the APCP presented the 5th edition of the Study on the Economic Impact of Advertising Production in Spain.

The Report has been elaborated by SCOPEN (Communication and Marketing Industry Consultancy) and offers a current and real analysis of the Spanish Advertising Film production market, in economic terms.

Some of the most relevant data are as follows:

  • On average, a production company (national or multinational) operating in Spain has made almost 25 productions during 2021. This figure is higher among the ‘Very Large’ production companies, which made, on average, up to 90 productions during the same period of time.
  • The estimated turnover of the Advertising Film Production sector in Spain in 2021 stood at just over 526 million euros (up 36% in the last two years). The average turnover per production company is just over €4 million (a very stable figure over time, although it represents an upturn of 6% with respect to 2019 (the entry of a greater number of medium, large and very large production companies, among other reasons, may explain this growth in turnover).
  • International customers account for 39% of revenues with €207 million in 2021. It remains stable since 2016. On the other hand, turnover from Spanish customers (representing 61% of revenues – €319 million) has grown in recent years (in 2016 they accounted for 37% of revenues).
  • European companies are the main international clients of the productions made in Spain (7 out of every 10 euros of “foreign clients” come from this market, a figure that has grown by 13 percentage points in the last two years). The turnover generated by European companies amounts to 144 million euros.
  • As for the investment generated by Advertising Production in Spain, in 2021, 267 million euros were invested, a figure that has grown by approximately 59% compared to 2019. Among other concepts, in Rental of materials (26%), Image rights (13%), Post-production (13%), … A figure that represents 52% of the total turnover. Compared to the previous edition, the average investment per production company has grown by 30% in the last two years (from 1.3 million euros in 2019 to 1.7 million euros in 2021).
  • Total personnel costs amount to just over 272 million euros (53% of total turnover). Employees (adding directly and indirectly generated positions) account for 75% of this expenditure (just over 205 million euros). Self-employed workers accounted for 25% of total personnel expenditure (67 million euros). Compared to the previous edition, the volume of personnel expenditure has increased by 61%.
  • The number of jobs created in 2021 is 103,392. This represents an increase of 29% compared to the previous edition. Employee’ contracts have a higher weight (66%), while ‘self-employed’ jobs account for the remaining 34%.
    Finally, on average, production companies report an increase in their ‘turnover’ and ‘number of advertising film productions’ during the first months of 2022 (+10% and +7%, respectively).

After the 2020 COVID19 crisis, we can say that these are very good results, in addition to the general increase in the sector’s turnover, in 2021, we can also observe the recovery in the number of recruitments. The number of jobs created during the year 2021 is 103,392, with a growth of 29% in the last two years.

There has been an average increase of 10% over 2020, with a 7% increase in the number of productions.

In this fifth edition of the report we can continue to confirm that advertising film shoots are recovering and, moreover, it is a sector that generates jobs. That is why all the agents that form part of this sector in one way or another continue to work together.

In the following link you can find the full report.