Preparing the ground for 8M: we attended the “Mujeres Motor del Cambio” meeting

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“Mujeres Motor del Cambio” meeting, organized by MAS (Mujeres a Seguir) and Hyundai, was a revealing encounter in which four exemplary women shared their experiences in transforming their careers to contribute to a positive change in their environment.

Alba González, Biomedical Engineer and Creator of Customized Prosthetics, Daniela Goicoechea, Co-Founder of Goiko Grill and Founder of Bramdcrops, Asaari Bibang, Actress and Comic as Voice Against Stereotypes and Charo Marcos, Journalist and Founder of Kloshletter, highlighted the importance of passion, continuous learning, teamwork and focus on service to overcome obstacles and embark on a successful path of transformation.

These four women are distinguished by the importance they place on stepping up to that transformation and overcoming obstacles to make a difference. The following is a summary of this meeting:

Initiating Change

They all identified opportunities or unmet needs in their respective fields. They see entrepreneurship and business as a means to solve problems and generate a positive impact on the community.

The challenges of entrepreneurship

  1. Taking risks and learning:
    • The founder of Brandcrops, when changing careers, faced the reality of having no experience in finance or operations. She stressed the importance of daring to learn and take risks.
  2. Financial obstacles:
    • Alba Gonzalez, a biomedical engineer, shared the difficulty of securing funding and facing bureaucratic processes in creating 3D printed prosthetics.
  3. Entrepreneurial loneliness:
    • Charo Marcos, founder of Kloshletter, mentioned the challenge of working alone after being used to large teams, highlighting the importance of not letting the feeling of loneliness slow you down along the way.
  4. Breaking barriers in humor:
    • Asaari Bibang addressed the challenge of breaking into comedy as a black woman, highlighting the importance of deconstructing ingrained stereotypes in the audience.

Her advice

  1. Find your passion and train yourself:
    • Alba Gonzalez advises finding your passion, training yourself and surrounding yourself with a team that shares goals.
  2. Select fellow travelers:
    • Daniela Goicoechea emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals and who inspire and support.
  3. Focus on service:
    • Charo Marcos stresses the importance of seeing work as a service and contributing positively to the profession.
  4. Think micro, act macro:
    • Asaari Bibang suggests focusing on changing the immediate environment and believing that, through small impacts, significant change can be generated.

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