Our sponsors are also environmentally sustainable

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Last week we told you how our production companies are sustainable and today we want to tell you about how our sponsors, PSN and Creast, are also sustainable.

PSN is aware that in film and advertising, sustainable production is a path to reconciliation and preparing our industry for the future. 

They use carbon offset contributions to positively impact nature and people.

Carbon offsetting allows us to balance out our climate impact and compensate for the emissions that our travels produce. We rely on third-party verification through Sustainable Travel International (STI) to vet our carbon offset contributions. This ensures we only fund high-quality projects that truly reduce CO2 emissions, deliver meaningful impacts, and contribute to holistic sustainability.

Thanks to STI our carbon offset backs forestry and energy projects in countries where we film with our clients, from Brazil to the USA and Kenya to Peru.

These projects provide meaningful benefits beyond emissions reductions that we can all support, such as creating jobs for local communities, protecting indigenous land rights, preventing the loss of tropical rainforests, and bringing clean drinking water, improved healthcare, and education to rural communities.

These measures speak to the core values of PSN founders Cris Mateo-Yanguas and Michael Moffett – avid travellers ever-mindful of our planet’s delicate balance.

At PSN headquarters, we pledged with STI to offset the carbon footprint of all our travel from January 2021. Because we know that air travel accounts for the majority of emissions generated during international trips, we offset the footprint of all our flights to/from the destination. We also offset the carbon emitted by our office operations.

But this is just one piece of our overall sustainability strategy. PSN joined and sponsored industry discussions like the KFTV Sustainability Talk to make known the challenges facing film hubs of lesser developed countries.

PSN’s pledge to Green the Bid and adopt measures of the PGA Green Production Guide equips our production service company Partners with the tools needed to educate their local crew and suppliers. This is a key step toward achieving sustainable production planetwide.


Creast comes back as a partner of APCP and is one of the companies that make audiovisual productions sustainable. 

One of the pioneering companies in sustainability specialising in the audiovisual sector, a sector in continuous and growing development and whose activity has a huge negative impact on the planet. It is estimated that the entertainment industry can generate 3% of global CO2 emissions, contributing to global warming and accelerating climate change. However, the defence of and respect for the environment is becoming more and more important every day, as set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

For several years Creast have been aware of the need to change the production system, that’s why they have been working with the aim that all companies in the audiovisual sector (film, television, advertising, events, marketing and video games) can measure, reduce and compensate their environmental impact. The company’s commitment is to help make both major productions and the smallest short film sustainable. So Creast provides companies with a digital application that allows them to easily and automatically manage the measurement, reduction and offsetting of their carbon footprint.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge of the sector and its large technological development team, the company offers various services to the audiovisual sector, including:

  • Effective solutions to predict the carbon footprint of the project.
  • Keys to integrating sustainability criteria and reducing emissions
  • Measuring the carbon footprint verified by evidence
  • A plan to offset your carbon footprint
  • An official certificate internationally valid 

Creast is a company validated by the UN Climate Neutral Now programme.  

They have also been in charge of advising on sustainability at the Goya Awards Gala through a good practice guide for employees and suppliers, which takes into account all the areas involved in the making of these awards. At the end of the event, the event will be certified as a carbon footprint free event.

Respect for the environment also reaches the public funding of the audiovisual sector, with sustainability criteria already included in some calls for proposals. This is the case of the ICAA’s government funding for production, distribution and festivals, where one of the criteria that counts when it comes to obtaining aid is sustainability.

Find out all about Creast.