We’re not just advertising: Lee opens Sitges with “Ahora vuelvo”

Lee opened the Sitges Film Festival with “Ahora Vuelvo”, directed by Lucas Paulino and Gabe Ibáñez and scripted by Lucas Paulino. Octavio Arias was in charge of the photography and Nerea Mugüerza was in charge of the editing. The leading actresses were Belén Cuesta and Anastasia Russo. The horror short film, produced in Spain, has been presented in the OFICIAL FANTÀSTIC COMPETITION – OPENING SHORTS section.

The short film narrates how “Maria, a 7-year-old girl, is left alone at home while her mother goes out shopping for dinner. The time alone extends into the night. When someone knocks on the door, Maria doubts whether it is her mother or not”.

To see the trailer: “Ahora Vuelvo”