Miguel Ángel Fernández Belando and Belén Gayán of Agosto delved into the production of the “She by J&B – Producing with commitment” spot.

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Miguel Ángel Fernández Belando (Agosto’s producer) and Belén Gayán (EP and Agosto’s founding partner) discussed the production of the “She by J&B – Producing with commitment” spot.

They pointed out that despite the fact that this spot has not been shown on television or billboards, it has been shared for its ability to move and impact society.

The spot focuses on the normalisation of Christmas in an environment where the protagonists do not know how to approach this moment in order to deal with LGTBIQ+. It is about launching the message through advertising so that no one is left out for being the way they are, with basic emotions such as empathy and emotion. The message is transgenerational and truthful.

The first step in the process of producing the story was to think about how to find the protagonists and how to tell the story. An important point at that point was the casting process for both the grandfather character and the granddaughter. Related to this, the main thing was to include an LGTBIQ+ actress for the latter and to get the complicity of the actors. In this way, they wanted to show the evolution of the characters and the old man’s make-up.

Regarding the latter, they recounted a search process in different countries, where it is easier to find drag artists. Finally, an English actor was selected after an impeccable performance at his home. Continuing with this, it was also important that they had days of living together in Spain to get to know each other and to make the characters in the film more real.

Another factor in this spot was that there was also a process to shoot in the village and include it in the process as they needed real people, shops, houses… They comment that the filming itself went smoothly and the music was key.

“I think it’s important to value production work in favour of good ideas,” said Belén Gayán.