“Being yourself is very important”: Maxi Itzkoff tells us the secrets of success in advertising.

Maxi Itzkoff, CEO and Co-Founder of Slap Global, commented in this talk sponsored by the production company Primo with his agency’s manifesto. Created during the pandemic, in August 2020, and in an innovative way compared to other advertising agencies, its career with it begins with a project for Ballantines. They did not accept his “rules,” because that is why he created the agency, to do whatever he wanted. After a while, they called them again and were able to make their idea possible, modifying the initial concept for another that they considered more authentic for the brand.

“Being yourself is not stupid, being yourself is very important.” According to Itzkoff, this can lead you to find your point of differentiation, leaving behind the characters, the barriers with yourself and leading you to respect your beliefs, your silence and what you like to do.

Therefore, their way of acting is to be clear from the beginning with clients. They put themselves first, choosing and prioritizing their vision for the project over that of the brand. What is relevant in all areas (and specifically when creating content) is that the people who create, directors or producers, have a point of view.

To demonstrate that “Being different is a competitive advantage” he showed the spot “No Lays, no game”, giving importance to new ideas and also “Tom Brady’s letter”, showing how essential it is to value oneself beyond comparisons. .

“Being yourself has to do with being genuine.” For Maxi Itzkoff, authenticity is the key for the spots to really work. You can’t fake a purpose. To illustrate this, he gave the example of how during LGTBIQ+ pride month, many brands publish related content without it seeming real. Coupled with this, it exemplifies how PR and PR.

Strategy, together with originality, is essential to achieve a successful campaign. Something they achieved with the launch of Luis Miguel’s series on Netflix. An artist who hates advertising. How did they get it? Changing the lyrics of their songs and introducing advertising within them.

“Being yourself means speaking like a person and not like a brand,” something that Itzkoff realized at the time when brands like Coca Cola or Sprite, with a very strong identity, tried to do something new. like “I love you haters”, which managed to go viral.

Finally, the speaker ended with advice for all attendees: “In life you should do what you want.”