More news from Málaga.

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The Málaga Festival has announced the winner of the Ricardo Franco Award on its website. The award, which will be granted in collaboration with the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will go to scriptwriter Yuyi Beringola.

According to the organisation, this award “recognises the different film professionals, prestigious technicians who, with their work behind the cameras, shape the most interesting films on our celluloid”.

In addition, the festival takes a look at the career of Beringola, who has worked with some of the most important filmmakers in the industry: Pedro Almodóvar, Pilar Miró, Guillermo del Toro and Terry Gilliam, among others. They say that “she has done nothing else in her professional life but be a scriptwriter, and this is for two fundamental reasons: she is very good at what she does (in Spain, one of the best, as much as it is hard for her to admit it) and she loves her work very much. Her professional CV includes more than a hundred films and TV series.”

Source: Festival de Málaga.