Marisa Rodríguez and Mamen Puyot join Creast to strengthen the Advertising business area.

Creast, a Spanish technology company specialising in the prediction, reduction and measurement of the carbon footprint in the audiovisual sector, has strengthened its advertising department with the incorporation of Marisa Rodríguez and Mamen Puyot, who will accompany production companies and advertising agencies on their path towards sustainability.

Used to working in tandem over the last few years, Marisa and Mamen join the team with Flocelo Puig and Judit García.

Marisa Rodríguez has a long track record in production companies, agencies and post-production studios such as Bassat, Lintas, Spika Films, Tapsa, Publicis, CP Works, Ovídeo and Telson, managing the production of clients such as Telefónica, ONCE, Estrella Damm, Bankia and Yoigo, among others.

Mamen Puyot spent 20 years of her professional career at Contrapunto, where she was Head of TV for 12 of them. Since then she has managed the production of audiovisual projects for agencies such as Darwin & Verne, McCann, CLV, PS21 and Pingüino & Torreblanca.

They currently work on their own account for various advertising agencies, maintain an excellent relationship with all production companies, and over the years have worked for a large number of advertisers.

Creast is a start up in constant growth. Due to the increase in clients and projects, the development of new technologies and the expansion of services, the team has quadrupled in the last year alone.

“That Marisa and Mamen, two women with so much talent and experience, have wanted to join the team and are committed to the project is a source of great pride. With them it will be possible to accelerate the change that this industry needs so much. Welcome,” explains Eduardo Viéitez, CEO of Creast.