“The importance of trusting what we do” interview with The Local Production Company

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Trust in what we do is one of the keys to success. What would have happened to Nemo if his father hadn’t trusted that he would find him; what would have happened to Buzz and Woody if they hadn’t fought to get back to their friends and Andy… Trust is an essential aspect in life in general and also in the advertising sector. Today we will talk about this topic with The Local Production Company.

The Local Production Company is a full service production company based in Mallorca. After so many years of experience producing on the island and after acquiring a lot of local knowledge, this company is a great support for the project you have in mind.

  • What do you think is what most defines you as a company?

Our ability to mimic the production systems of our clients.

  • What is the production service?

Providing coverage for a production company outside its natural space, in projects in which knowledge of the terrain, logistics, supplies and local resources are essential to optimise, provide guarantees and scope to a project… and to do so with a smile on your face.

  • Why do you choose Mallorca as a place to carry out audiovisual projects?

Firstly, the island itself. The great diversity of natural sets, public spaces and private locations available. The fantastic weather eleven out of the twelve months of the year. An international industry that has been at the forefront of audiovisual production for more than 25 years and finally, having the infrastructures derived from tourism, which make it easier and more comfortable for our clients.

This production company has worked with brands such as Nestlé, Nike, Mercedes… Today we focus on one of the campaigns in which this service production company took part for PERSIL.




Sven Stausberg


  • We’d like to know more about this spot. What was your role in it?

What I like most about this campaign is what it represents, on a production level, from an advertising service perspective.

It’s not a big budget, big creative ad, bound by the constraints of a classic product and a client, Henkel, who is very clear about what they need.

It’s not the ad to talk about when we’re reharshing old stories, but it’s the kind of regular, reliable production that feeds and sustains the industry. And that’s why it deserves to be talked about sometimes.

It is also a clear example of what the island has to offer:

In two days of shooting, we combined  four very diverse exterior locations; house, football pitch, changing rooms, mountain bike and 1 day of studio for product and effects. All local crew.

With a local casting of about twenty children, adults and scene animals.

A very efficient production that would have been difficult to solve in other destinations, and obviously impossible in Düsseldorf.

  • Any anecdotes?

There are always some, in this project, apart from having to manage the filming itself, coordinate children, animals and equipment… we had to find a dentist and his equipment, I think it was a holiday, as an essential figure in the project had a dental prosthesis that disassembled and made it impossible to continue.

To my surprise, it took the team just minutes to find a dentist and products so that neither agency nor client were aware of the mishap and we were spared the torture of listening to their ideas and solutions. Not a second of filming was wasted and everyone ended up with a big smile, especially her…

Enjoying what we do and trusting it is essential to achieve our own success. Keeping the desire and betting on our vocation is essential. At The Local Production Company they work every day so that production companies see Mallorca as a charming destination where they can carry out their audiovisual projects.

Steve Jobs when he said that “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

Interview by Paloma Garrido.