Interview with Twentyfour Seven: “Success lies in diversity and inclusion”

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Twentyfour Seven is an internationally recognized production company. Its large repertoire of work is guided by the principles of inclusion, openness, tolerance, equality and diversity; cultivating an environment of respect and responsibility for their respective clients, collaborators and staff.

We would like to highlight how the production company has also joined forces with other companies in the industry to make possible APCP’s sponsorship of Cannes Lions 2024, this year at LBB Beach, on the Croisette Beach from June 17-21; who will be with us on this international stage, as well as collaborating on the Carnival on La Croisette, an epic party that marks the end of the Cannes Film Festival week. Last year’s party was off the charts and, by popular demand, will be held for another round! Twentyfour Seven has partnered with The Lift, Radioaktive Film, Tenerife Film Commission, Compass Rose, LS Productions and Indochina Productions to present this night of pure excitement, complete with music by Les Castizos, drag queens, cool DJ sets, and many more surprises. Carnaval In La Croisette will take place on Friday, June 21, 2024 from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on the stunning shores of Croisette Beach – see you on the beach!

We spoke with Gordon Mackinnon, Managing Director and EP of Twentyfour Seven.

Twentyfour Seven is internationally recognized. What do you consider to be the key to achieve this global recognition?

At TwentyfourSeven, we have always tried to be pioneers in our sector. At TwentyfourSeven, we have always tried to be pioneers in our sector.Our goal has always been to identify opportunities for new territories and lines of business.We have created a group of producers and executive producers who identify with the brand and have the opportunity to grow within the company.This commitment extends from the first email we receive to the final delivery of the product.

Our team has been able to take advantage of the most important international festivals and events, ensuring a strong presence. In addition, our distinctive international team, with each member bringing unique working methods, has contributed to our company’s recognition. By combining best practices from diverse approaches, we have achieved the distinguished reputation we enjoy today.

Inclusion, openness, tolerance, equality and diversity are fundamental principles for you. How are these values implemented in your day-to-day work and projects?

For many years we have tried to create an inclusive environment as the best way to learn and grow. We believe that everyone with our differences can only make us stronger.Today our work environment at 247 is full of nationalities, backgrounds and preferences.
We also have different protocols and practices in place to foster this inclusive and diverse environment where we all feel valued and respected regardless of our origin or inclination.We always prioritize talent and a proactive attitude towards working in this sector.

Could you share a recent example of a project that you would like to highlight?

We recently worked on a film that was just released for Euro 2024, in collaboration with Magna Studio for W+K and Nike – “Awaken Your Madness”. Directed by Sam Pilling, we provided services to Magna in Madrid and Paris, as well as some reshoots due to the availability of soccer celebrities Haaland, Mbappé, Vini Jr. and Ronaldinho.I think this kind of project represents very well the kind of high-profile athlete films that really helped put TwentyfourSeven on the global production map. We combined last-minute challenges, schedule changes, camera setups and multiple formats with impressive creativity and top-notch clients.No elements have been found.

What does it mean for Twentyfour Seven to participate in APCP’s sponsorship of Cannes Lions 2024?

For us it is important that the international advertising film industry knows that in Spain we have an association of production companies.We felt that the Cannes festival is one of the festivals that attracts the most industry professionals and we hope that with our support this year the APCP can become even better known, that it can create networking and new ties with institutions or organizations that contribute to the development of advertising film in Spain, sometimes the forgotten part of the audiovisual industry.

How do you think your participation in events like the Carnaval In La Croisette has a positive impact on Twentyfour Seven’s image?

This is the second year that we organize IT’S A WRAP PARTY, but, although the organization comes from the hand of 247 is a party of several, and in this same way and taking into account what we talked about before, in diversity and inclusion is the success, we have joined several to unite more.

We are expecting guests from all over the world, old acquaintances that we will introduce to some of our partners for the first time, as well as new contacts for us on their behalf. So far we have confirmed attendance to friends we want to meet there, as well as people in the industry we don’t know and would love to exchange experiences with. Also students, last year we understood that this is the way it should be, and not only for networking for our benefit, we want to create an environment where we bring together as many people from the industry as we can and everyone has the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas or projects.

What is your long-term vision as a production company and how do you plan to continue to grow in the industry?

I think we at TwentyfourSeven have made it clear to the world that we have no limits. Of course, we want to grow, but beyond that, our main objective is to make sure that, in that growth, we continue to do our job well and maintain the brand that made us known and identifies us.
We want to explore different formats and platforms, as well as new production and post-production technologies. In addition, we understand that the growth of our company is linked to the development of our professionals, so we continue to invest in their training and development.
I cannot fail to mention one of our main short- and long-term goals: the implementation of sustainable practices in all phases of production. We are working on a sustainability campaign to implement them as soon as possible.

Interview by Carla Lara