Interview with Nouri Films: “We would like to adapt to progress but be human and authentic, artisans of production”

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Michael Nouri and Antonella Perillo

NOURI Films is an independent film production and full service company based in Barcelona and Mallorca, operating in Spain, Portugal and Italy but also operating in other countries offering tailor-made production services for their respective partners in Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe and South America.

Founded in 2018 by Michael Nouri and Antonella Perillo, the production company is dedicated to facilitating custom production at the highest level for directors, producers and agencies worldwide. It offers unique solutions through a wide range of projects delivered through different media channels, content platforms and innovative format solutions. It is a new reality that values the integration of a multi-disciplinary approach based on years of experience in film and photo production.

We spoke to Michael Nouri, founding partner and EP, and Antonella Perillo, founding partner and managing director, of Nouri Films.

How do you apply the integration of your multidisciplinary approach to each audiovisual production?

Our main job is to provide logistical and technical support to international brands that come to us to realise their vision of a film or commercial. For us, we refer to a ‘multidisciplinary approach’ when different professional figures work together to help our client achieve a specific goal. They say that ‘there is strength in numbers’ precisely because no one is omniscient. Being a team effort, we carefully choose the people we collaborate with, from the caterer to the camera operator to the PA or Driver or production assistant. It is also thanks to the collaboration with efficient and skilled people that the success of a project is based.

What is your experience in operating in other countries offering tailor-made production services on an international basis?

This is a somewhat generic question considering that Michael is German and I am Italian, we have experience and knowledge of various international markets having shot commercials as producers in different continents.
Before coming to Spain with Nouri Films. We have 30 years of production behind us in Chile / China / Argentina / Uruguay / France / Bulgaria / Serbia / Greece / Lebanon / Czech Republic / USA / Brazil / Middle East / Ukraine / Russia (before the ongoing conflicts) and many other countries.

In each of these wonderful places we shot films as if they were beautiful adventures with hospitable, friendly and often well trained people, working side by side with international directors of high calibre, which we still do, having also offices in Portugal, Italy and when necessary in other countries.

How would you describe the distinctive and innovative style of your projects for different channels?

I would describe it as ‘adaptable’ considering that producing for different media has different budgets and equipment, lighter and more agile than big productions.

What is the typical production process of a piece at Nouri Films, from the conception of the idea to its release?

As mentioned, we offer services to others to realise their ideas, we offer bespoke services and Nouri Films helps these people from the conception of the idea to its release. Our motto is: ‘Stories have the power to shape the reality around us in which we live. Our aim is to support our partners, producers, creatives, writers and scriptwriters to bring their stories to life.

Can you highlight some projects (advertising or not) that you consider excellent throughout your professional career?

These are just a few but we could mention many others that we like:

Schwarzkopf “For Every You” – Global Campaign

FIFA 2022

Mercedes E-Klass


How do you decide which projects Nouri wants to be involved in?

We evaluate and choose projects based on their implementation and whether they are ethically viable, sustainable and realistic in terms of budget and timeline.

What are the future plans and objectives for Nouri Films as a production company?

We consider ourselves a bit like tailors who sew tailor-made clothes for their clients, and we would like to continue in this direction, offering our clients services tailored to their needs, being lean, humble and agile with the ability to personally follow the client through the steps of production by putting our face and our name there.

Clients should always know who they are dealing with and who is the contact person for a project.

We live in a frenetic world that every day gives rise to new inventions, today there is the A.I. tomorrow will be another discovery, here we would like to adapt to progress but be human and authentic, artisans of production, in short, for us quality counts more than quantity.