Interview with Mirinda: an “admirable, surprising and amazing” producer coming of age

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Mirinda Filmshas just turned 18 years old and is much more than just a film production company; it is a team committed to their passion for their profession and creativity. At the core of their philosophy is the love for what they do and the involvement transformed into energy that they put into each project, regardless of its magnitude.

From the beginning, they are dedicated to thinking, planning, researching and designing each production with the goal of making it viable and bigger. With a persevering and stubborn mentality, they have built a company that prides itself on enjoying every job they do. Their team is made up of talented directors and passionate professionals who work together to overcome any challenge. As a production company of producers, they strive to always propose the best director and crew for each project. Their motto is to take pride in each production and they invite all those who share their spirit to join their film family.

We spoke with Monica Tadeo, CEO and founding partner and Javier Galvez, CEO and founding partner of Mirinda Films.

Mónica Tadeo, CEO and founding partner, and Javier Gálvez, CEO and founding partner of Mirinda Films.

What are your main keys to carry out each production with the objective of making it viable?

What is really important when we start a production is to detect where we must concentrate resources to make the project grow. Sometimes it is very clear: for example, if the creativity is based on humor-acting, we obviously reinforce the casting and actors, but having clear that all departments are essential, so we have to look for imaginative solutions so that the whole production is at the height of those actors, who are, in a way, the first pieces of the puzzle. Other times it’s not so clear and you have to go round and round to get everything to fit perfectly. But, obviously, it is necessary to start from a base that allows it and it is very important to count on the talent of both the technical team and the agency and advertiser team to assemble, together, that great puzzle.

Can you define what your working spirit as a production company is based on?

The key is always enthusiasm, professionalism, responsibility, respect, the search for excellence, teamwork and desire, a lot of desire. Without these premises it is impossible to work in this profession. We would add common sense and a certain degree of creative madness that unbalances that common sense.

What is your approach to joint collaboration between directors and other advertising film professionals?

In any collaboration we always start from mutual respect for each other’s work, the value of professionalism and the value of commitment. We like to think that Mirinda acts as the “glue” that, from empathy, manages to unite talent to make projects grow. Perhaps it’s a very emotional approach, but it’s the one that keeps us moving forward.

Have you experienced any particularly memorable or challenging moments in your evolution as a company so far?

Throughout these 18 years we have experienced very exciting and special moments that are part of the history of our production company and also of our personal history. More than a specific moment, we remember all the wonderful people we have met; people loyal to the Mirinda project who have accompanied us in different stages. They know who they are. Just for that reason alone, setting up Mirinda has been worth it.

What projects or audiovisual pieces (advertising or not) would you highlight in which you have participated during these 18 years?

Javier: the truth is that, luckily and thanks to the profession, we have many projects to highlight, but if I had to choose one, it would be “El pueblo en el que nunca pasa nada” by Shackleton for Conect. It was a project that, at the time, had a lot of repercussion and that summarizes very well the spirit of Mirinda. The RRSS as we understand them did not exist yet and, surely, now it would be just another project, but at that time it was a top project. The creativity, the production design and the realization made it very special. And it linked us for life to the town of Miravete de la Sierra.

It won 8 lions at Cannes.

Another very special project was the Red Bull Music Academy, from which we established with them a very interesting collaboration that culminated in several documentaries that were broadcasted on TV.

Mónica: I have a hard time choosing… Audi First Love by DDB was a welcome gift for me after three very hard months in which I was on sick leave due to an operation. I knew almost nothing about the project and the surprise in the off line was incredible. A wonderful unexpected gift.

And I really enjoyed preparing and shooting the Loterías Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones spot, as well as the Precampaña de Navidad Asistente de voz spot and the Los todólogos spot. All three from Contrapunto BBDO. The involvement of the directors, the team, the agency, the advertiser, the actors… was spectacular. It always is, but in these projects it was even more so and I think it shows in the result. Or at least I perceive it that way!

Can you share any recent project you are working on or have recently launched?

We have recently worked on several Contrapunto BBDO campaigns for Jazztel and it has been an example of great teamwork with agency and advertiser.

We believe that the Ondas Award for Best Radio Advertising they received was a well-deserved recognition for the good work they did. We were very happy for them and we were happy to be, in part, participants. Gorka was very generous in naming us at the awards ceremony. A very exciting moment.

How do you see the future of Mirinda as a production company?

We view the future with optimism and curiosity, but also with some trepidation.We are optimistic by nature and AI, this new player on the game board, arouses our curiosity, as we assume is happening to everyone.It is going to change many production and, above all, post-production processes. I’m sure it’s already bringing some great things and others, perhaps, not so good, but we hope that the former will weigh more heavily.

We are more than willing to deal with the elements that currently threaten this profession, but we cannot help but feel uneasy because the production industry has not been a profitable business for some years now, and we all know that the survival of an industry without minimum profits is highly complicated.

Thinking about the future is always fascinating and we hope that ours will continue to be amazing, as these first eighteen years have been.We chose the name Mirinda because it had, for us, a sentimental and playful connotation, but it also comes from Esperanto and, discovering its translation, we fell in love with it.We look forward to a future Mirinda.