Interview with Club de Creativos: “Whenever we can be present to support our own, we will be there”

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Curro Palma, general director of c de c.

The c de c (Club de Creativos), a Spanish non-profit organization created in March 1999, is the only organization of its kind in Spain, since it was created with the aim of improving the quality of creative work and defending creativity as the most powerful tool for business growth. It currently forms a community with more than 800 associates between people and companies that work in different areas and disciplines with creativity as their main ally.

In 2024 the c de c has celebrated its 25th anniversary. With such a strong slogan that shouted “Irreplaceable!” it was presented last April in a very special edition of the C Day.

Some members of c of c will be joining us from June 17-21 at LBB Beach at Cannes Lions and due to their collaboration in sponsoring APCP, we interviewed Curro Palma, general director of c of c Creative Club.

Why do you consider that international actions are important for Club de Creativos?

In addition to the activities we carry out throughout the year thinking about our community, we find it interesting that an entity such as the c de c supports our people when they are abroad. And what better place to do it than Cannes Lions, helping to generate a meeting point for them so they can live a better experience in perhaps the “Champions” of creativity events of all those that take place.

That’s why, whenever we can be present to support our people, we will be there.

What actions with international impact do you carry out?

This year, thanks to our current president Gonzalo Figari and his board of directors, we have launched Mixages, a new activity aimed at all our members where we hold international meetings between different generations of creatives.We have already held three editions so far this year and we hope to continue promoting this multicultural activity with a focus on the present and the future of the profession.

What does it mean for the c de c to collaborate in sponsoring APCP for Cannes Lions 2024?

The c de c and the APCP have been going hand in hand for a long time when it comes to launching collaborations, always thinking about what is best for our community. As I said before, the objective of being present at Cannes Lions this year with an action of these characteristics is to support our own by being outside at one of the events of the year. Although we are increasingly promoting the approach to our community of new creative profiles of the advertising industry (advertisers, accounts, planners, media…), creatives and producers represent the core of our community. We had to be at an event like this thinking about our own.

What do you most expect from your partners for this action?

We believe that this type of initiative helps our partners to have an even better experience than what they were already going to experience.

How do you think del c de c can continue to grow and internationalize in the future?

We are working hard to keep growing with our minds always set on developing activities that represent our long-time members and new members of the community without losing our essence. And to this end, the current board, chaired by Gonzalo Figari, is working to decentralize our activity by expanding our focus of action outside Madrid and even beyond our borders.