Humanising sustainability, our biggest need

Just like in any other industry, the advertising and cinematographic world is growing concerned about being able to guarantee sustainability in the making of their projects and productions. However, many times it is difficult to recognise if it is an obligation or if we really mean to implement all these sustainable habits into our working routine.

To shed light to this issue, we have been talking to a professional that, for more than 35 years, has made his stance clear: ‘sustainability is necessary and everyone should include it into their lives, as it is fundamental to set an example for future generations to change things’, asys Designer, Art Director and current Productor Designer César Martinez Edo, who is going to introduce us to his vision of sustainability in broad terms today.

The first thing César has made clear is that the problems as well as the benefits coming from sustainability in the working world must be passed on to the population, not as an obligation, but as an alternative way of doing things that allows them to gain diverse benefits. Even though it is something logical and of common sense, he is aware that not everybody values that as little as you can do, it will always help achieve environmental balance.Throughout all his career he has been able to see that the biggest benefit coming from sustainable activities in the working environment goes beyond the possible economic benefits that they can produce. It is about the personal benefit,  knowing that, after many years of making things the right way, your existence has helped improve the global environmental situation. Because, as he said, ‘brevity of life keeps us from appreciating the transcendence of these kinds of acts’. From his point of view, the best way to keep progressing towards a more environmentally balanced world is fomenting and reinforcing education, motivating future generations to take on these habits as something good for everyone and not as an obligation or imposition. In the end, we are all people, and we must understand that sustainability is a common goal and we must collectively fight to achieve.

By Ernesto Torrijjos.