These are the awards won at Cannes Lions!

One of the most important events in the industry, Cannes Lions, was held this week, where our production companies have been awarded for their work.

Blur has won the Grand Prix for Good with Working with Cancer for the Publicis Foundation.

Canada fue galardonada en la categoría Entertainment for Music con 1 plata en Excellence in Music Video, 1 oro en Fan Engagement / Community Building y 1 bronce en Partnerships with Music Talent.

Landia won a bronze in the Entertainment for Sport category with Mother for Heroes of Today.

Primo has been present on the Cannes Lions list with the spot Trayectoria for Cruz Roja with 1 bronze in Film Craft – Direction, 1 bronze in Film Craft – Script, 1 bronze in Film Craft Colour Correction / Grading and 1 bronze in Film Craft – Cinematography. He also won another bronze with Estigma Cero for ViiV Healthcare in the Brand-led Education & Awareness category within Health & Wellness.

Somos5, has won a bronze in the Radio & Audio category, specifically in Use of Audio Technology with Unfear for Samsung.

We will be updating you with the latest news on the winners over the next week. You can see all the Cannes Lions winners in the different categories on their website at