These are the new nominations and awards for our production companies!

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The awards season continues! That’s why we share these new nominations obtained by our production companies:

  • British Arrows:

Twentyfour Seven with Apple, Election: Arrows Silver, Digital Services, Electronics, Computer Games & Toys, as well as with EA Games, Matchday: Craft Silver, Cinematography and Upwork – This Is How We Work Now: Arrows Silver, International – The Non-British Arrow.

  • CLIO Awards:

Twentyfour Seven has been awarded for THIS IS HOW WE WORK NOW – UPWORK with 1x GOLD – FILM 31 (seconds to 60 seconds), 4x SILVER – FILM (30 seconds and under), FILM (61 Seconds to Five Minutes), FILM CRAFT (Casting/Performance) and FILM CRAFT (Direction), as well as with 3x BRONZE – FILM CRAFT (Cinematography), FILM CRAFT (Copywriting), FILM CRAFT (Music – Original). On the other hand, with BELIEVE IN TIME – LOUIS XIII COGNAC it has achieved 1x BRONZE – FILM CRAFT (Music – Original).

  • Laus:

Canada is selected in the Videoclip category, with Rosalía Motomami TikTok Live Performance directed by STILLZ.

  • AICP:

Canada is nominated in the AICP, within the Cinematography category for Expedia – Nothing directed by Lope Serrano aka CANADA.

*Article in the process of being updated.