Discover “How does a film director feel when working for a brand?” with Inés de León and Javier Ruiz Caldera.

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Finally, in “How does a film director feel when working for a brand?”, presented by Leo Solanes; Germán Silva (Founder and CEO of PINK/Partner of JUNGLE21 and creative vice president of ACT) interviewed Inés de León (film and advertising director at Only 925) and Javier Ruiz Caldera (film and advertising director and founding partner of Bambina), who answered the question.

Javier Ruiz Caldera began by commenting on what it is like to be a “commissioned director”, how in the industry projects are often made with ideas generated by agencies or scriptwriters, beyond the stories themselves. However, he also commented on how the films that have been less successful have often been his favourites.

On the other hand, Inés de León spoke about which projects define her the most. She highlighted her work for Vogue and in particular the last short film she made for the magazine; as well as the importance of being able to change the collective imaginary and machismo in the industry, to include more women in positions of responsibility.

They also talked about their way of directing and the importance of time when shooting advertising, where you always have to go fast. They noted the unexpected, the speed, the disparity of criteria and the need to have several options to shoot different takes in different ways.

Both came to the conclusion that advertising and film converge and that in recent years, the two disciplines are more similar than before and that one cannot depend only on talent, but also on love for the profession and effort. “When you film out of love with the profession, it doesn’t work out” says Inés de León.