The 11th Conference unveils the creative challenge of ‘The Impossible’ and ‘Society of the Snow’.

After finishing with Maxi Itzkoff, the first dialogue table of the XI Jornadas began with Manuel García, Producer of Only 925, as moderator. The participants were: Félix Bergés, President of El Ranchito; Marc Orts, Sound Artistic Director of Deluxe; and Chema Alba, Head DI of Deluxe. This presentation was sponsored by Deluxe Spain.

The panel discussed the process of making the film “The Impossible” by Juan Antonio Bayona, in which Oscar Faura, Félix Bergés and Marc Orts worked on it. The speakers explained that the story was a long process, in which the conditions were very complex in terms of design, visual effects and communication with the rest of the teams. Essential to this was the pre-production and communication between all parties involved. In tackling the film, the team made a creative effort because of the emotional toll.

Afterwards, they talked about “La sociedad de la nieve” (the film representing Spain at the Oscars), in which Chema Alba and Marc Orts took part. They discussed details about the special effects, made by El Ranchito. For them, it was necessary for the project to look perfect on the last day.

Finally, they also talked about “The Orphanage” and the importance that the director gives to the story as opposed to other more technical aspects. For this last point, they rely on professional equipment and attention to detail.