Interview with DeliFreshGo: experts in catering for filming and events on the Costa del Sol

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DeliFreshGo focuses on providing catering solutions for large events and established locations, offering fresh and tasty food, such as conferences, sporting events, festivals and also on location catering services for the production services industry, film and television.

Since opening in 2006, they pride themselves on being specialists in providing takeaway food, whether for a film crew in Cadiz, for a private event in a luxury villa, for a commercial shoot on the beaches of Mallorca or for a concert or congress in major cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Madrid. If you work on the Costa del Sol and want to organize a product launch, a media event or staff party, if you are thinking of getting married in any of its locations, if you are involved in the production of a film, music video or commercial and have a cast crew and VIPs to feed, then DeliFreshGo is your solution.

Noelle Fanning, de DeliFreshGo.

This year we have their collaboration for our VI Advertising Film Activities at the Malaga Film Festival. We talked to Noelle Fanning, from DeliFreshGo.

What is your specialty as an event caterer?

We treat each event as a unique project, whether we need to design a menu, create a special ambiance, provide a specific service or stick to a specific budget. We believe this approach ensures that our clients receive the attention they need to successfully complete their projects.

And by the way, we always make sure that the food tastes good, is beautifully presented and the service is delivered with a smile.



We know that on numerous occasions you have fed television, film, advertising, crafts and events teams. How do you adapt your services to those jobs involved in the world of production?

First of all, we understand that production needs always take priority. We also know that we have to provide flexibility in schedules and make sure that we can react to any changes that the production team may bring to us. In addition, we also recognize that we are taking care of a community and the responsibility that comes with that. We are always adapting our food handling processes to ensure that our food is delivered safely to the team and with all occupational hazards assessed. The last thing I’m going to mention is really very important and that is the menus we create and the food we prepare. We believe that the quality and variety of food should not be compromised on set. We don’t work with menu cycles, we tailor our menus to the needs of the production, the dietary requirements of the crew and of course bridging the gap between the many nationalities and food cultures we encounter in this diverse industry. From sandwiches to British sausages, bread with olive oil and bread with butter, halal to kosher and clean food versus naughty food, we think of it all when creating our menus.

Can you tell us any details about previous work on similar events on the Costa del Sol that you would like to highlight for their good results?

We provided catering services for the Paramount plus prelude to Sexy Beast in 2023, where we worked with a team of around 200 technicians, actors, producers and extras throughout the capital of Malaga, Marbella, Mijas, Benalmadena and Fuengirola. Our infrastructure, consisting of kitchen trucks, a local industrial kitchen team, refrigerated vehicles and flexible menus, meant we could react to all the needs of the production. From additional units, to additional extras, to overnight shoots, to additional units, our capable team ensured that everything went off without a hitch and that everyone was fed on time and on budget. We have been providing catering for artists and crews at the successful La Cala Music Fest since its opening at Sonora Mijas in 2022. Our experience feeding technicians on set, as well as national and international actors, singers and artists for various film shoots, was part of the reason we were chosen to provide this service. In the last 2 years, we have fed Florence and the Machine, Naty Peluso, Duki, Nick Cave, The Chemical Brothers, The Strokes, Liam Gallagher, The Arctic Monkeys and many other well known international and national artists. We worked seamlessly with production to help create the first festival, which was hailed as a success both regionally, nationally and internationally, so much so that we even fed Pedro Sanchez last year when he decided to bring his family to see the festival in action.

How is your experience working in different types of event venues on the Costa del Sol?

Event venues on the Costa del Sol are so varied and our ability to guarantee a smooth service delivery has been crucial in the execution of projects. Working in the center of Malaga and in historic locations and buildings, we can count on the use of our industrial kitchen to heat food on set and, with the help of the locations team and the film office, obtaining permits for this has always been easy. Also, our 4×4 van means we can deliver food and crafts to beaches and difficult terrain, as long as we can provide documentation on time, we know our vehicles will arrive. Working in this industry means we have the opportunity to visit places we would normally struggle to see. Last year we worked at the Picasso Museum and it is a really special place, as is the Automobile Museum and Tabacalera. Gibralfaro always offers spectacular views, as does the Alcazaba, and on the 320 sunny days, the clear blue skies mean you can see for miles.

What is the reason why you are fascinated to work mainly in Malaga?

First of all, Malaga and the Costa del Sol offer an incomparable quality of life that I don’t see anywhere else in the world. The climate, the infrastructure, the real estate market and, of course, the cosmopolitan atmosphere. For me, Malaga is a juxtaposition of old and new. In addition to a beautiful contrasting landscape, Malaga offers a modern and ancient cuisine. The cuisine is often typically Andalusian, but also takes influences from the many different cultures that have lived in the area. In addition, simple dishes become fantastic, showcasing produce that is so fresh because it travels so little, and, of course, a gastronomic culture that is ingrained in everyday life.

Can you share with us the benefits you see in sponsoring our VI Advertising Film Activities?

I spend many hours sitting in front of my computer looking for contacts within the film industry in Spain who may be looking for a catering service to collaborate with them on various projects. I try to communicate through LinkedIn, sending emails, menus and prices. Sometimes this method works, however, the opportunity to meet several producers from different parts of Spain and introduce myself and my company, showing a bit of what we can do, is a much better communication tool than any anonymous contact. So we are open for business and ready to work with all of you!

Interview by Carla Lara