“How can we strengthen Spain internationally in the advertising film sector?” ICEX, the Spain HUB Audiovisual and ALÍA answered the question.

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During the event, the ICEX, the Spain HUB Audiovisual and ALÍA also took part, revealing the keys to “How can we consolidate Spain internationally in the advertising film sector? “presented by Daniel Ortiz Entrambasaguas and moderated by María Jesús Horcajuelo, the round table included Roberto Sacristán (President of ALÍA and CEO of Aluzine), Luis Cueto (Advisor to the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure) and Fabia Buenaventura Canino (Head of the Audiovisual Department of Invest in Spain) as speakers.

After introducing the institutions, Fabia Buenaventura began to talk about the support to the industry and specifically to the association, exploring possibilities for a collaboration consisting of mappings on the incentivisation of advertising film. What results are being achieved, if it is working to identify the policies that are being applied in other countries and assess it in order to implement it in Spain.

Luis Cueto added how the audiovisual industry is one of the industries that is being taken into account by the Spain Audiovisual HUB. Due to the problems of finding technicians, productions that go to other countries, he commented on several keys to provide solutions: as a first point, training is necessary. In addition, statistical work on what is heritage. He insisted that not everything goes. In addition, to bring professionals from outside the European areas and to make it easier for personnel from other places to work in Spain.

“Is there aid for advertising films from the Spain Audiovisual HUB, and has any study of this type been carried out,” asked María Jesús Horcajuelo. On this subject, Cueto responded that the ministry has provided resources to begin to create reports on the subject, in order to find out and not stop being present in the sector due to the fact that there is no specific aid for advertising films.

Continuing with the subject of aid, Roberto Sacristán specified that as SMEs it is a great effort to access aid, due to the fact that they do not always have the resources or legal departments that large companies have to apply for them. They commented that there are other aspects to take into account here, such as sustainability and digital progress.

After this, the question arises, “How can we identify the elements that are decisive for filming in Spain?” The entrepreneurs in the sector have identified them and they are: location, prices and speed in bureaucratic procedures.