How was our Meeting Point at Cannes Lions? Come back to experience the Spanish party.

Yesterday we celebrated our Spanish party at Cannes Lions! Guests were able to enjoy San Miguel beer and the ham slicer show in the Gardens of the Mondrian Hotel (ex Grand Hotel).

We would like to highlight all the attendees, both national and international. We are also proud of the great success of this edition, in which more than 500 people registered and the event was fully booked.

We would like to thank our sponsors and collaborators, who have made this event possible. To our sponsors (Alía, Antiestático, Ladoble, Nevada, Primo, Rims Mobility, Scopen, Vagabond) and collaborators (Aluzine, Creast, Cuchara de Palo, EPC, Fight, San Miguel, Spiral, Kodak/TCC, Vivi Film, Willco). And especially the participation of ICEX. Without them, this event would not have been possible.