Cannes Lions is committed to sustainability starting with its prizes

The Sustainable Development Goals category launches a new trophy in this virtual edition of Cannes Lions, and that is because the Festival has partnered with Parley for the Oceans so that the Lion that was given to the winners of this section is respectful of the environment. The trofy is made from recycled plastic from polyamide fishing nets recovered from the seas and oceans.

Philip Thomas, president of Lions, has stated that: “This award has always acknowledged companies that are involved in promoting good in the world and that undertake initiatives with a positive impact.”

The executive has thus recognized Parley’s work to address threats to our oceans from an innovative and creative point of view and was excited to deliver these “unique and quite special Lions to the worthy winners”.

Parley for the Oceans addresses the main threats to our oceans, the most important ecosystem on our planet. In this context, Parley Ocean Plastic was born. A premium quality material, created from reclaimed fishing nets and recycled plastic waste collected from coasts and coastal communities. This material was invented to drive change in response to marine plastic pollution and the destruction of the oceans.

The Sustainable Development Goals Lions were introduced in 2018 to promote awareness of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and encourage creative industries to celebrate and support sustainability around the world. In this way, they represent a collective ambition to end poverty, protect the planet and guarantee prosperity for all.

It is time for us to get out of our comfort zone and take responsibility for what’s going on in the world, we must work to shape a different future.

The APCP strives to live and act in the awareness that our own future and our own survival are at stake. It is a collective responsibility to take care of our planet. For this reason we share sustainable and creative initiatives like this and many more to come.