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December is here, and with it the shootings of Twenty Four Seven, The Production Club, Somos 5, Seven Senses, Palma Pictures, Oxígeno, Mamma Team, Landia, Hawai Films, Harold, Good Company, Fight, Bambina Films and Antiestático.

Twenty Four Seven

A 3-day shoot in Barcelona. Director – Caroline Koning. DOP – Paul Kadir Ozgur.

The Production Club

The Production Club was shooting in Madrid a project directed by Nacho Clemente with Sergio de Uña as DOP.

Somos 5

Shooting in Madrid. Producer: SARA KIENINGER – Dire: LOBO, Dop: ALBERTO GONZÁLEZ, Produccion IVAN ARRUZA, PE: LIDIA G.PIÑEIRO, Postproduction: LEA CRUZ.

Seven Senses

Puma global campaign with a 2-day shoot in Barcelona with video and photo units for In&Out Productions directed by Ramiro Nobrega. Executive Producer: Jesús Pérez-Solero. Producer: Claudia Rodríguez-Porrero. To see it: here.

Palma Pictures

Project Zzz Quil by Harbor Picture Company and P&G. Shot in two days at the end of May. To watch: here.


Client: BONPREU. Agency: K1000. Production: Producciones Oxigeno. Director: Miki Durán. DOP: Biel Capellas.

Mamma Team

Shooting in Barcelona for 4 days.


Landia still can’t reveal anything…

Hawai Films

BTS Photographs. Proyect: “Pescanova Navidad”. Director: Bernat Lliteras. Production: Ana Gil. DOP: Daniel Borbujo.


Here are some images from Harold’s latest production for Puig/Benneton with Imanol Ruiz de Lara. 3 days of shooting in locations in Madrid and Avila with a great crew with Rafael Reparaz, Eric Dover and a second unit directed by Pastrana.

Good Company

“Last week we have been shooting the new cola cao promo with our beloved Luis Levrato. The still life cat has won two world cups!!!”


Burger King shooting with David Triviño as director in Madrid. Agency: David The Agency. Client: Burger King.

Bambina Films

Their latest campaign directed by Alberto Rodríguez where they work for the OV agency for Fundación La Caixa. To see it: here.


MINI STAGE. Direction- Hernán Zubizarreta. Producion- Pedro Alfonso.