AVisual and its 3 brands at the service of the audiovisual professional

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Two weeks ago we introduced you to AVisual, a new sponsor dedicated to the rental and sale of audiovisual equipment and studio rental in Madrid and Barcelona. In today’s article we tell you a little more about the history and evolution of this company.

More than 10 years ago, step by step and with effort, its founders started this project offering the rental service with AVisual PRO. The main motivation of the project was always to satisfy the needs of the then most underserved customers; freelancers, small and medium-sized companies. And with that it became the first rental in Spain with the possibility to order online through its website, as well as offering free transportation of orders for its customers.

“The transport service solves a lot of logistical problems for us”, Gustavo Arens.

“The goal is to facilitate deliveries and returns because sometimes they order heavy material that is difficult to transport, and many clients have low budgets that do not allow them to rent their own van,” says Marius Georgescu, co-founder of AVisual.

What started with two cameras, six lights, two tripods and a teleprompter, over the years ended with the exponential expansion of the catalog, the opening of its own physical offices, first in the center of Barcelona and then in the city of Madrid and with extensive opening hours from Monday to Sunday to adapt to the actual days of many productions.

AVisual PRO has always evolved with its customers, so it will soon add the ARRI brand to its catalog of film cameras, specifically with the Alexa Mini camera.

In 2015, with the aim of satisfying the needs of its rental customers, it opened its first online sales website for audiovisual material of the best brands, AVisual SHOP, with an extensive catalog of cameras, lighting and sound equipment among others. Maintaining its immediate service and customer advice, this service has already been used by audiovisual professionals, production companies and schools. To continue responding to the demands of its customers, in 2022 it introduced the installation service to adapt spaces or build recording sets, since many of its customers did not have the knowledge and resources to install the equipment they purchased.

Finally, in 2021 AVisual opened AVisual STUDIOS, its first recording and automated product photography studio in the center of Barcelona and, in the summer of 2023, it also opened in its warehouse in Madrid. Both studios have two recording sets; a chroma cyclorama and a modular set with interchangeable curtains and floors.

“For us, AVisual is an audiovisual “hub”, from camera equipment, sound, lighting, turntables… you have everything, and therefore you make the task of production very easy.”, David Branch

Taking advantage of these new spaces and their direct contact with the brands, AVisual offers free workshops in their facilities by renowned industry professionals, which in turn serves as a networking point for attendees.

AVisual has always sought excellence when it comes to offering its services and providing all kinds of economic solutions to professionals in the audiovisual sector, which is why we are very pleased to have them as sponsors in our association.

Five years in which the growth of the audiovisual equipment rental company has been in progression, step by step, little by little, and with much effort by its founders, Marius Georgescu and Patricia Lallo, who have studied and pampered every detail to offer the best possible service. What started in a small space with about 50 products for rent, has become a company that has multiplied by 20 its offer of material and is consolidated on a business model without references in the sector and with some basic principles placed on meeting the needs of the most neglected customers: freelancers and small and medium enterprises.

In 2012 with the opening of the AVisual PRO website, AVisual became the first rental in Spain with the possibility of placing online orders through its website, as well as delivering and picking up orders free of charge to customers.
Over the years AVisual PRO opened its own physical offices, first in the center of Barcelona and then in Madrid, with extensive opening hours from Monday to Sunday and attractive offers for customers, thus becoming a market leader in the small and medium productions sector.

In 2015, with the aim of capitalizing on the opportunities presented by equipment rental, it opened its first online sales website for audiovisual equipment from the best brands, with an extensive catalog covering cameras, lighting, sound and a wide variety of accessories and supplies. Thanks to its agile approach and efficient advice, this service has gained the trust of audiovisual professionals, production companies and specialized schools, raising its visibility in the market.
In 2022, the installation service was introduced, consisting of solutions for adapting spaces or building recording sets. In a short period of time, it has harvested a series of projects that augur very optimistic prospects for the future.