At the APCP we go green

Did you know that eating chicken pollutes much less than eating pork? And yes, it is possible to have the entire team bring their stainless steel bottle to the shooting.  In fact, recent studies suggest that the incorporation of brick water is almost as polluting as buying plastic bottles, since the inner aluminum lining of the brick is impossible to separate from the cardboard, and therefore cannot be recycled.

Did you also know that all organic waste resulting from shooting can be composted in a sustainable way? And that sustainable shootings are no longer something of the future? The latter may surprise you more.

We are all familiar with global warming, climate change, the plastic islands that roam the oceans killing our fish, the huge carbon emissions derived from our daily activities … it seems a lot, perhaps something too big. and complex, impossible to approach from our industry, with  time so scarce and valuable.

But there is good news: implementing small changes that have a big impact will not cost anything, and can even save us money.

From the APCP we are doing intense research and training on sustainability in filming. You have probably heard of Green The Bid, an organization mentioned in previous newsletters that is dedicated to bringing sustainability to filming in the audiovisual industry in the US and Canada (and more recently, in Europe), offering resources completely free of charge to interested producers (and yes, in the APCP we are already members, and we will bring you very useful and interesting information shortly).

Green The Bid has offered us their advice and feedback on numerous aspects of sustainability, and we can finally announce that from the APCP we have released our first sustainability guide, which seeks to be a benchmark in sustainable filming. And the thing is, friends of the APCP, we don’t have a minute to lose. Between us all we must embrace these new changes that are occurring worldwide and that are going to affect us all, we´ve all seen it after this last pandemic year.

Environmental responsibility in filming is not something relegated to a few. On the contrary, it is up to all of us to start taking action, which is not always easy, but the reward will be greater.

In addition, with consumer pressure in recent years on all advertising brands, it is not surprising that soon those same brands demand sustainable production from producers, with certificates that cities like Malaga are beginning to issue, thanks to the work of Málaga Film Office, which has just obtained a Sustainable Production Certificate which is already underway.

Therefore it is not surprising that in a very short time, we are all racing against the clock for advice to find ways of implementing these sustainable actions in filming.

Friends, as we have said before, production time is very scarce and valuable! Let’s not lose any more: our partners already have our sustainability guide available, verified by Green The Bid. In short it will see the light for all of you. We will also give you more inputs from everyday uses whose polluting effects are quite unknown. Stay tuned if you want to be the first to know and start applying these practices.