AI, Artisanal Intelligence: “What’s being shot today?”

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This week we discover the shootings of Antiestático, Ava, Fight, Harold, Hawai, Lee, Mamma Team, Solworks, Somos5 and The Production Club!


BTS of the project we shot in Barcelona a few weeks ago for Caixa Enginyers, with the help of the agency Apple Tree. Production company: Antiestático. Agency: Apple Tree. Client: Caixa Enginyers. General Executive Producer: Matías Dumont. Executive Producers: Juliana Córdoba & Leandro Ekman. Producer: Paola Béjar. Director: Jordi Capdevila


First part of the shooting for Coca-Cola with Toni Kross by Ava.!


“Pictures from the shoot we had in barcelona with director georgette!”


BTS images from the shoot that the Harold Barcelona team carried out together with Craft and McCann directed by Ibon Landa.


Shooting last week. We shot one day in Vigo and another day in Madrid. Client: Leroy Merlin. Agency: Ogilvy. Production Company: Hawai Films. Executive Producer: Ana Gil. Director: Bernat Lliteras. DOP: Dani Meré.


3 days shooting in Madrid. Directed by Fede. Director of photography: Nacho Toledo

Mamma Team

2 days shooting in Barcelona.


Solworks was shooting 6 days in Tenerife with director James F. Coton for Citroen. Production companies: Conti & Addict. SW. Exec. Producers: Álvaro Iglesias & Enrique Vidal. Head Production: Elena Falcones.


Dir: Levrato . Dop: Alberto González. Dir de prod: Lidia G Piñeiro. Producers: Gabo Gertner and Alex Go. Production: Ale Rodriguez and Iván Arruza. Off studio in Madrid.

The Production Club

The Production Club has been shooting for 4 days with photographer Josh David Payne.